Real estate – A stable flow of income with minimal risk

David Drake is a very astute young man who I turn to often for his insights on crowd investing and real estate. He studies several platforms that offer these services.

As I am involved in one such platform, Flipping 4 Profit, I am very keen to follow the trends to keep checking I have my money in the right place. If you are, like me, a rookie at investing, you might find his articles comforting and enlightening.

I started taking control of our retirement savings because I had previously, like many others, put my retirement funds in the hands of others and believed they knew best when it was all put into equities which have, as we all now know, grossly under-performed. This has left me, again like many in a place where I do not have enough money to retire on satisfactorily.

I decided to take control of my retirement funds. After much research and taking several courses I decided real estate is what I need to preserve and grow my wealth. I can no longer put up with the risk of making speculative gambles.

Drake says:
Real estate investment in the U.S. has recovered quickly, and provides benefits such as a stable flow of income and a diversified portfolio with minimal risk.

 It is important to note that the value of real estate did not fall during the financial crisis because it is a volatile (less stable) asset class. Rather, the fall in value occurred because of exposure to Wall Street by institutional investors. However, through crowdfunding, direct investment in real estate shields it from volatility in the stock market. Through crowdfunding, investors from across the globe connect to real estate developers and managers without having to pass through an intermediary. This shields their investments from Wall Street influences.last 6

Since the middle of 2014, I have been joining with other crowd investors and taking great delight in choosing which properties to invest in, from the comfort of my sofa no less! I then watch from the sidelines as the professionals ‘flip’ the the properties to produce some very healthy profits for us to share.

I have properties (well part-share) in several countries at any one time. The investors all come from countries around the world too. Fascinating to see such collaboration benefiting so many in so many countries. Fits well with me ethically as well as financially 🙂

As Drake points out in his article:
“Accredited baby boomer investors who control the larger share of the generation’s wealth no longer need to invest through intermediaries such as institutional investors, as crowdfunding provides a better option. Registering with an online real estate crowdfunding platform helps in cutting away intermediaries and their costs by connecting investors directly to real estate offerings across the globe.   In addition, crowdfunding gives investors control over the deal process by allowing them to make choices from different classes of properties. The returns on investment are also encouraging as most crowdfunding platforms promise a 10-14% return to their clients.”

Crowd investing platforms like Flipping 4 Profit offer my Boomer generation along with any Millennials or younger, who care to join us, the ability to invest our monies wisely.

Real estate investments through crowdfunded deals provide us with benefits such as:

  • a constant cash flow
  • minimized risk through a diversified portfolio,

Now is the time to act in order to secure our
Financial Futures

The way to do so is by investing in real estate through crowd investing.
Get your skates on! Lets all start the New year with some profitable investing

Go well till the next time




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