Don’t have the kind of money you want in your retirement fund?

For my first post I thought I’d  share with you the quandary my husband and I find ourselves in.

We have been married for 41 years and my husband and I have brought up our four kids (love ’em to bits!) and put our bit aside into the pension pot every month.

We thought we were doing pretty well until one day Fred was told at work that the Golden Oldies were being given the push.

A look at our pensions was not a day to remember. We went into hyper-ventilation mode.
Once we settled down a bit we realised we needed to set about looking for more something to generate some much needed money!

As we looked around at our friends and peers we realised we were not the only ones with this kind of challenge and joked about building a Boomer’s Commune! – I still like that idea actually and just might do it in a couple of years.

Well its been three years and a lot of jobs, courses and research but it has all paid off – Our retirement fund is well on track.

Don’t have the kind of money you thought you had in your retirement fund ?

Well I am not going to cut back and I don’t plan to live in a subsidised home.

I will continue with a good full life when I retire – What about you?

I have had my “eureka!” moment. Guess what it is? Click here and you can take a peep you’re welcome to join me! Let’s all have a happier and wealthier retirement.




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