Retiring in a City?

Are you are tossing up whether to choose a rural setting for your retirement or to go for a city based retirement? suggests that city retirement planning is not as hard as it may seem and can create easier living than the country. Here is what I have found out. I hope it helps you make your choice easier.

  1. Cities have more possibilities for those who are retiring, like senior centres and nursing homes.
  2. As there are always more healthcare centres where there are large numbers of people, access to health care is always easier in cities. Cities also offer easy accessibility to health aides and carers.
  3. Many families live in urban areas and it is easier for grandchildren to visit their grandparents regularly if they live in the same city. And don’t underestimate how useful grandparents are as child-minders!
  4. At some time driving may no longer be enjoyable or permitted. At that stage public transport options in a city are readily available whereas much less frequent in the country.
  5. Of equal importance – if you need to use a scooter, walker, or power chair, city sidewalks are far more comfortable than country lanes.
  6. Finally, many retirees find they need to work part time to supplement their retirement income or choose to do voluntary work. Again both are easier to find in a city versus the country.

I too found myself faced with the need to add to my retirement funds if I wish to live as long as I can expect. I found I could invest with a company who flip houses using the power of the crowd funds. So now I pick and choose when and what too invest from my armchair:

  • I choose what house I wish to invest in and
  • I happily watch the profits go into my account when they flip the house.
  • So enjoyable and profitable!

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Sources:  6 Things to Consider when Retiring in the City


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