Being Mindful in Everyday Life

My husband was working in Zambia recently so it was a good excuse to travel and see somewhere new.
Zambia, other than being a very cool country with some nice people it also offered weather that was just as I like it, hot with blue skies for Africa!

Anyway one thing I look forward to when travelling is to read the Airway magazines, and SAA does a very interesting one.  Well this trips magazine came up trumps with some very interesting articles and guess what? I found an article that I thought I just had to share as I’m hoping I am not the only person who bumbles along only to suddenly realise that yet another week has passed and I have been on auto so with little too recall. Sad, when the world we live in is so full of wonderful moments to not remember them….

So I am making a concerted effort to be more mindful of the moments now.
Here is an extract from the #SAA magazine



So this is how to be more mindful in daily life

Breathe deeply! I’ll be mindful to chat again soon!

Go Well


Sources: SAA Airway Magazine October


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