11 Songs to Make You Happy!

What songs make you smile and put a bounce in your step?

What song will make you feel so good you’ll get up and dance? … on a train!

I suppose age really does come into it so my happy songs are influenced by my life however Let’s have some fun and get H-A-P-P-Y!

My Top 11 Happy Songs

    1. Top of The World – The Carpenters
    2. Liquid Lunch – Caro Emerald
    3. Crocodile Rock – Elton John
    4. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
    5. Cartoon Heroes – Aqua
    6. Lollipop – Mika
    7. Breakfast in America – Supertramp
    8. Grandmas Feather Bed – John Denver
    9. Don Diablo– Miguel Bose
    10. The Boy Does Nothing – Alesha Dixon
    11. Man! I Feel Like a Woman! – Shania Twain

You must be so happy now! Which is your favourite? Go on you know you want to vote 😀


Go Happy today



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