To achieve great things, two things are needed

To achieve great things, two things are needed;
A plan, and not quite enough time

So said composer Leonard Bernstein. But why do we need to have deadlines and limitations to spur us to action?

Today my deadline is getting this blog written. Not earth-shatteringly important but a deadline none the less. Another deadline I have is way more important and that is to get my finances shipshape to allow us to retire passively – that’s a 4 year project so the deadline is a bit further away but none the less a deadline which if I miss could lead to dire consequences.

That deadline falls more into the realms of  knowing that my time on earth is limited and apparently one of the best motivators around for creating the things we want to create while we still can.

Chris Guillebeau wrote a book The $100 Startup, where he shared a few stories of people who started a successful business after being fired or laid off from a job.  He points out that at any given moment  your life can change.

For some people it’s a conversation that opens the doors of possibility: a new business opportunity, perhaps, or a new relationship. For others it’s the sudden shift in perspective: I don’t have to live like this anymore. For me it was unexpected early retirement! but I must say a big thank you to the company as it was my “ah-ha” moment and spurred me on my quest to discover how I could invest in property. I had had to face some rather bleak facts for our future which made me realise I really needed to get active quickly if I was to secure a retirement at all let alone a happy one.

I’ve ha the big debate between my Present and Future self (blog on 2014/10/23) and I’m pleased to say my deadlines are all in place and on track – I will retire happier!

How about you?     What inspires you to get something done?


Go well till the next time




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