Part-time Retirement: A new way of life

Oldies but still well represented at Halloween!


I think its the Holidays that one never retires from they are a great way of keeping connected even if it is with ghouls and freaks!

Just because we retire doesn’t mean life stops.

In fact most of us, if I have read the stats correctly, don’t want to retire completely. Some of us need the income while others wish to continue to be challenged and feel we need to continue to work to be happy!

Our idea of retirement is changing. Many factors are at play, least of all the fact that we’re living longer and healthier lives, and I for one welcome the age of the part-time pensioner with an “encore career”, where I can continue to work, be it at a less pronounced pace, while still enjoying plenty of (p)leisure time.

If we think we would like to continue to work, it is advised that we begin thinking and planning well in advance of leaving our job so as to make the transition smoothly ….

Here are some thoughts to help you; it covers varied needs and interests

  • Start with the most obvious – Talk to your employer before retiring and make sure they understand that you are available for assignments after you “retire.”
  • Identify your value to prospective consultancy firms so as to appropriately market yourself. To do this, you should:
    • Assess your experience, skill sets, general knowledge, etc.
    • Assess how your experience can be of value to future employers.
    • Identify potential market opportunities
    • Look for a somewhere to start as a consultant.
  • As it will take time to build experience and a referral network as a consultant, network within your industry – to employers who are competitors. Trade shows could be a good place to start.
  • Identify firms outside of your industry that hire people with your experience and skill sets
  • You can also consider becoming affiliated with existing consulting firms that serve the markets in which you are involved.
  • Volunteer on a project basis, using your experience. Some of these assignments provide payment for your services but most don’t. Volunteering also has other advantages as it builds experience and can sometimes lead to meeting with influencers in your area of expertise, beneficial to have in your network.
  • If you don’t possess the skills to work virtually, you must get training if you hope to have any success in acquiring assignments online after retiring. Much of the project or consultative work you get is likely to be done remotely as opposed to on site.
  • Search for a temporary, part-time, project-based or seasonal job while you’re still working to get a better idea of what this market space looks and feels like. There are some staffing firms listed below which hopefully can be of some assistance in finding your part-time work.

Personally I’m thrilled with how I’m working in my part-time work. In actual fact it comes with a two-fold benefit –

  1. I grow my savings from my armchair but with a hands on appeal. Obviously getting good returns on my savings is a major plus to me but better still is the added benefit
  2. I do it with a group of people – my new friends and I love meeting people.
  3. There are also perks that come with the business which maintain my interest and give me something to aim for. I’m loving it!

Join me?

Go well till next time




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