There is such a thing as healthy ageing!

If you think there is no such thing as healthy ageing, just take a 20 minute coffee break an enjoy this video.
Actually maybe I should be recommending that you watch while you work out rather than sitting down!! You’ll see why when you watch the video 🙂

This guy Charles Eugster is a dapper little man who had me totally fooled about his age, and his fitness is something else! He is living proof that growing older does not mean an inevitable decline in abilities.

In fact researchers believe that many of the supposed age-related changes affecting the mind, such as memory loss, are actually lifestyle related. Physical fitness, a healthy diet and mental exercises can all help maintain functions including memory. Physical and mental fitness are real biggies in my book! and Charles Eugster would be a really good advert for those researchers!


Go well till the next time




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