How to get your money working for you!

I recently discovered more about how to Retire Rich
You won’t believe how simple it is to achieve, in theory!

Luigi Foscale’s an International Entrepreneur, and CEO of Axet Merchant, a Swiss Investment Company and Axet RE, a Real Estate Company so  I reckoned he would be a great source for some good investment advice,  and he is:

His has a theory of how our lives could possibly change for the good by simply understanding

Automatic Incomes versus Ordinary Outcomes.

Mr. Foscale says to Retire Rich is a Personal Investment Formula, in which the Automatic Incomes are higher than Ordinary Outcomes.

Automatic Incomes (AC) are all those income sources you have, that do not necessitate more than two hours a month in order to be earned.

Ordinary Outcomes are monthly expenses including electricity bills, your kid’s doctor, vacation holidays, tuition fees, tennis lessons, piano lessons, insurance and all those expenses that shape your lifestyle.

Of course ones level of wealth is absolutely subjective as 1.000 Euro per month may be an average salary for one person, while not much to a Golf Pro and yet that same amount could feed several African families!

 In my case there’s only one important thing:
My Automatic Incomes must be higher than my Expenses.

That’s How to Retire Rich!

So am I on the right track with my investments?   I’m getting there!

I certainly ‘get’ what he is saying, and hopefully this simple formula will make sense to you too, because only when you have more Automatic incomes than Expenses can we get to what he calls the Goldilocks Zone where we can dedicate more of our time to what we most like to do;

And that is Real Wealth!

Go well till the next time




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