Introducing the Carrot!

One of my many attempts to live the “Good Life”

This tongue in cheek video brought to mind the time I grew carrots.

I’m full on when it comes to organic and grow your own… The trouble is I’m just not very good at it!
This particular time I was very excited as we had just moved into a fabulous house which had space right outside the kitchen for me to make a herb garden. This I managed quite well even if I forgot to use them too often.

However there was another little space – an end of terrace flower box before the lawn. I decided this was just the right place for me to grow some carrots.
I lovingly sprinkled the seeds on the soil and gently covered them and remembered regularly water them regularly – well the rain did the job sometimes!

They grew!
I was so pleased, but hadn’t heeded that one needs to prick out carrots before they get too big. By the time I decided to prick-out they were amazingly entwined with each other and virtually impossible to separate.

Oh dear what was I to do?
Not liking waste I decided that they would make a perfect supper veg for the family that night. I gently steamed and and then served up my wiggly carrots. They looked great.
I reminded my hungry family that these were home grown and were going to taste fabulous, enjoy!

One mouthful and I was nearly ill – they tasted of paraffin! Yup really – paraffin!
How could that be I had looked after them so well – except for not pricking them out that is.

As we all push the wiggly baby carrots to one side we decided I had failed too renew the soil which could well have been in the box for as long as the house had been there and that was 100 years…

Whatever they were quite ghastly and positivity put me off carrot growing even though I am very fond of eating this versatile veg!

Eat well till the next time


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