First Female to Swim Across Atlantic

Today I would like to wish a Happy 62nd birthday of Jennifer Figge.

Who is she you ask?
Pleased you did ask…

She’s is an American athlete from Aspen, Colorado.

  • From 1985 – 95 she ran seven marathons and five ultra-marathons.
  • She ran across two states – Iowa and IllinoisBoomer 1st female to swim atlantic
  • Six countries – France, Romania, Thailand, India, Mexico, Iceland), and South America (Chile and Argentina.
  • She’s only the first woman to swim across the Atlantic!     –
    What’s more is she has done it several times!

Her record breaking swims deserve remembering especially on her birthday as hasn’t been without some controversy.

The idea originally came to her as a young girl when flying over the Atlantic to visit her mother. She decided she needed to swim in the middle of the ocean! Not your everyday little girls dream you must agree.  … Seems her Dad had similar dreams as a yachtsman, so after he died  Jennifer committed herself to swim the ocean in honour of him.

In 2009 She was headed to the Bahamas, as far as I can ascertain, but got blown about a bit and landed somewhere else which led to some major media outlets erroneously reporting she swam the entire distance across the ocean.  She had in fact been swimming for 24 days swimming up to 8 hours a day, battling strong winds and waves up to 30 feet and in an interview with the Associated Press, Figge said she “never intended to swim the Atlantic.” however she must have got bitten by the bug because Ii noted, on reading her Facebook page, that in 2013 she was inviting me, well not quite true, she was inviting anyone who read her FB page, to join her on her 4th sally across the big pond!

I certainly would never dream of joining her but I do know some boomers who, like her, get a real kick out of long open water swims. On that 4th swim Jennifer, aged 61, swam a total distance of 257.5 nautical miles (477 km) over the course of 32 days!

Absolutely astounding!

Kind of makes me feel a bit insignificant but I console myself by telling myself that athletes need supporters – I can do that. – So, even though you don’t know me  Jennifer…

Very well done on proving that age is no excuse for not doing what you set your heart on
Hope you have a very happy birthday

 Go well till the next time




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