Employment challenges of the over 50s

There are millions of over 50s are not working and nor are they receiving the help they need.

I read this in a survey in the UK and I think this is probably, pretty par-for-the-course in lots of countries around the world too, Do you agree?

This demise has sparked a bunch of surveys and reports to be generated to find employment  solutions for the over 50s and to discuss the benefits of maintaining an older workforce.

The British Government and future Governments have a vested interest in its success because the UK faces a problem: while the population is expected to increase from 63.7 million in 2012 to 72.4 million by 2034, its traditional working age population is expected to rise by just 1.5 million (or 3.5%).
At worst, such a slowdown in the growth rate of the working age population could imply lower rates of growth in employment and a subsequent slowdown in economic output. So there is a strong economic imperative for doing something about it!

It is acknowledged that there is a huge resource of knowledge, skills and experience amongst the over 50s which isn’t being utilised, both before and after retirement.

I think internationally, the over 50s have shown themselves to be very entrepreneurial by nature, or is it for survival?

Whichever, 39% of those completing the LaterLife survey said they would value the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to start their own business in later life.

I have always been interested in real estate… I even took the real estate agent exams once while having a go at a small development, –  but to tell the truth I’m older and wiser now!

If you’ve been interested in real estate investing for any period of time, you may have so much conflicting information bouncing around in your head…that you’re confused about what to do.

Maybe you’re stuck wondering how to create financial freedom without having to compromise your lifestyle?

You’re not alone. Despite the vast array of information available on how to create wealth via real estate, very few people do. And, in most cases that’s because they don’t have a clear plan to follow.

I’m sure you’ve watched the videos, read the blogs, and are by now fully convinced that property is the way to grow your wealth, But if you are at all like me, it just sounds too hard to get right, and there is so much at stake, (my whole retirement in my case)

Is there an easier way?

Well yes there is and after much trawling of the Internet.
I realised that just as there are those that want to learn to be a pilot there are others who hire one.
So now I invest with a group of people with similar needs as mine. The company hires someone to find the well priced properties for us and undertakes to sell them as well for the best price possible.

The best part is when we flip the property! We all share in the profits!!
That’s when I really feel that I have achieved something to secure my retirement!

If you’re sick and tired of working too hard for money … if you want to replace your current income with passive income from property … then express your interest to find out more here

Go well till the next time



  • PRIME Report: The Missing Million, Illuminating the employment challenges of the over 50s
  • LaterLife visitor work and retirement survey

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