Apps Older People Should Know About

There seems to have been an flood of wearable devices to monitor an individuals’ health and fitness levels including sleep patterns and water intake to name just two, they are mainly aimed at the athletic section of the population However recently I have seen an increase of products designed for seniors.

Generally I find them jolly smart and I know they are meant to be helpful but some of them I’m afraid I feel are bordering on being a Peeing Tom!

Funny_7 in 1 app for seniors

Below are some apps/gadgets (I don’t really know the difference between them) that I have seen recently that look like they might be useful rather than intrusive. I think it’s a fine line we walk when wanting to care for older folk but I do see that in some cases the monitoring can be used kindly.

Here are some I personally like but hasten to add I have not used any of them, so be it on your own heads to check them out! OK?.

1.     EasyFamily AppSuite® by Family Ribbon

FamilyRibbon is a New York-based startup that has come up with an incredible 7-in-1 app for seniors that will enable them to use the Internet and social media allow seniors to enjoy social media in an understandable, easy-to-use way.  The app is actually a whole suite of apps — dubbed the EasyFamily AppSuite — that seamlessly integrates a variety of communication and social media tools including Facebook, email, Skype, Facetime, Flickr and Picasa. Yikes! I don’t use some of those myself…

The services come with good security and user friendly illustrated guides all designed to make things easier for seniors.

  1. WalkJoy

As we age, risk of falling is one of the costliest and the most difficult to manage. Recovering from a fall at an old age is extremely difficult. It actually results in lack of mobility, and can result in depression and other serious conditions. WalkJoy is a company that has set out to solve this problem. It’s a non-invasive technology that aids in the restoration of gait and balance for walkjoypeople with peripheral neuropathy. Devices are attached to the knees that re-establish signal to the brain through healthy nerves around the knees, telling the brain that the heel just struck the ground. The brain’s central nervous system incorporates the new signal from the device, and the motor system responds as if there is no loss of sensation in the foot – therefore returning the person to a normal pattern of gait. The company also offers a second device, WalkingHealth, that serves as a walking diagnostics tool for the elderly suffering from mobility challenges to help reduce falls.

  1. MC10’s BioStamp

Although not yet on the market the BioStamp promises medical diagnostics on a biostampwhole new playing field for all ages. Applied like a band-aid or temporary tattoo, the bio stamp measures everything: hydration levels (critical with senior citizens), body temperature, heart rate, brain activity, and even exposure to UV radiation. It uses wireless technology and the data can be uploaded to a nearby smartphone for analysis (i.e. grandma’s doctor can check in without her having to visit).


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