The Rise of the Entrepreneur!

So how can we become entrepreneurs?

Well there are several ideas that come to mind but the idea that seems to be gathering the most momentum and, one I want to be part of, is Crowd Investing, in particular Real Estate Crowd Investing.
I have been making a study of it lately and I thought you might like to know what I have found out …

What is property crowd investing?

“Crowdfunding helps investors who are unable to fund their own buy-to-let investment to start growing a portfolio. Existing landlords can now easily diversify their portfolio to improve the performance of their investments.”- Andrew Gardiner Property Moose

 Crowd Investing brings investors together to buy properties for flipping, the buy-to-let market and development projects. The investing company, partners with professionals who manage the acquisition, sale and rentals of the property for the duration of the investment term, The investor, you, receives a share of the profits when the property is sold and in the case of rental properties a monthly rental income and when the property is sold any capital growth is shared between investors.

The companies I have looked at all show projected returns are shown net of all known costs, expenses and fees which consequently means they only source deals that have great growth potential especially as they only make money when the investors do.

How is  our money protected?

Investors generally hold legal shares in the company / property  and as an investor you receive share certificates. Shares can be sold at any time and quite democratically, the investors in a property can vote to sell early or extend the term.

The companies will always be committed to getting the best price for properties at the end of the investment terms as their profit is tied into the returns.

To me it appears that the only wrong decision we can make is to not make the decision to join the crowd!

For the smallest ever investment you can for the first tiime join the rich- become an entrepreneur and start growing your own portfolio

Go well till the next time




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