How much do you know about your brain and patterns?

Have you ever wondered why you can see human traits in cars,

I see the light as either big happy eyes or slitty eyes, or a bumper that’s either sad or smiley. I found out it’s a really good marketing ploy because when our brain interprets a face, whether it’s real or not, we’re rewarded with a splash of dopamine and that is pure “feel good”

Your brain is apparently always filling in the blanks and whether you realize it or not, your life is a series of complex patterns that repeat again, and again, and again meaning what you think of as free will, might just be habit!

A habit loop starts with a cue from our world, and our brain eases the way with a squirt of a pleasure-producing chemical, dopamine. That makes following such patterns enjoyable, and encourages us to repeat the process. We are such creatures of habit that studies have found that habitual behaviour accounts for about 45 percent of what we do in the course of a day.

However this ability to go on autopilot is a very useful skill as it enables us to put on our clothes with little effort each morning, and to drive to work without missing a turn. When we encounter the usual people and situations at work, you know just what to do.

But as always along with the good the bad can creep in and too many patterns can lead us astray as we will just as soon reward bad habits like smoking or obsessively searching eBay for Mr. T memorabilia!!

A study published in 2011 the journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing found that a sizeable portion of smartphone usage consisted solely of “checking habits” in which users scanned the same email, social network and news apps over and over throughout their waking hours, usually in response to boredom. “What concerns us here is that if your habitual response to, say, boredom, is that you pick up the phone to find interesting stimuli, you will be systematically distracted from the more important things happening around you”, says Antti Oulasvirta

So I guess that’s a warning to us all …

I had great fun passing some time with National Geographic where you can play their brain games – they can even prove that there really is a man in the moon—in your brain. Why not give it a go?

Go well till the next time 🙂




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