Do you have the courage to pursue your ideas?

There are a lot of great entrepreneurs out there, which can be quite intimidating, how can I compete?

Thomas Edison was one such entrepreneur and  like me, he failed so much more than he succeeded. Of course, he learned how to turn those failures into golden lessons.

Robert Kiyosaki relates the tale of when he was at school learning about Thomas Edison his rich dad he asked if they’d taught him about how he became so prolific. “No,” Kiyosaki replied. “We only learned about how he invented the light bulb.” “Well, I’m sorry to contradict your teacher,” rich dad said. “But, Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb.”

His dad went on to explain that there were many other people who had invented light bulbs before Edison. The problem was that these light bulbs were not practical. They would die too soon. Also, these inventors could not explain why a light bulb was commercially valuable.

In short, they had a great idea, but they didn’t have a business.

Edison, on the other hand, not only invented a better light bulb, but he also built a business around it. He invented the first useful light bulb and he knew how to show its value.

Anyone can have a great idea, but only a great entrepreneur can make money with that idea. You probably have a great idea or product too. Just about everyone does. But do you know how to make money with it?

If you have the courage to pursue your idea, start with baby steps. Start with research, talking to people and flushing out your idea. Once you have figured out how to make money, THEN the fun begins. But, start with step one.crashproof retirement

I have been working with a great guy called Pete Carruthers who is helping me sort through my “great” ideas till I find a goodie! He is helping me learn how to turn my previous failures into golden lessons which can become my online income!

He guides me step by step to build my online business so that it will be successful and I will know exactly how to make another and another.

What a fun way to be unretired and make that passive income we all need in retirement!

Go well till the next time




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