Solar Roadways – What an idea!!

Solar Roadways is currently firmly in the development stage, but thanks to successful fund raising on project funding website IndiGoGo, and the help of a daft YouTube promotional video by a fan, Scott and Julie Brusaw are carrying out their plans for a modular, solar panelled road way. What a brilliant idea!!

The plan is to develop a myriad of cells that are fitted together to create roadways. They will then utilise the suns energy to create power, which could be used for nearby towns for instance. As roads cover such a large surface and mainly open to the sun they are perfect for creating energy if made of solar panels .

Starting with a solar panelled car park, Scott and Julie have a long design process ahead of them, however if this method reaches mass manufacturing and implementation then a highly modernised road way is to be expected.
These panels would not only provide energy for neighbouring buildings but have endless opportunities; including charging the vehicles driving on them, increasing road safety through the inclusion of lights in each cell which could monitor driving patterns and signal when someone is driving dangerously, as well as creating roads that will last longer with less maintenance.

I love this idea and am off to invest in it… what a great inheritance to leave to our Grandchildren.

Go well till the next time




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