Work for yourself not your business

Seth Godin says that “the only way to build something when you don’t have money to invest is to make something so great that people will pay for it in advance, that they’ll eagerly sign up to use what you’re making. Now not later. Now when it’s new. When it’s useful and fresh and interesting.”

Too often, we look at the serious nature of starting a business (and worse, our imagined serious implications of failing when we do so) and we forget about useful, fresh or interesting. We forget to do that thing that might not work, to expose ourselves to things that are generous and new and fun.

Justis Chase has a great theory that to start a business you need a plan and he has The 3 S Method and says people are able to turn kitchen table businesses, started for a few dollars, into ongoing money making businesses that could be as large or as small as the owner wants.

So you don’t have to quit your day job or go back to work full time, if you are already retired, to start something new. These guys say you can do it in your weekends and evenings and any spare moments.

I’ve started my new business have you?

Go well till the next time




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