Outhouse Racing – Fancy it?

We have a lot of road works and shopping complexes being built in my neighbourhood so I expect to see a regular “Porta-Loo” or two around.

I thankful for them in fact as I have a pet peeve – it is of the ubiquitous male peeing on the side of the road – I feel that if I, as a woman, can wait to find the nearest conveniences surely a man can too!

These Portable Bathrooms RacesHowever I digress because I found this photo which shows what fun they can actually be.
I think I saw it once on a movie with Walter Matheau and Jack Lemmon however I believe that it really is a regular event – What a laugh!
“Outhouse Racing”, as it is properly called, appears to be very competitive with some very strict rules to this sport like:

  1. The outhouse has to have a toilet and
  2. It must have a toilet roll on a hanger

It is open to everybody to compete as outhouse racing offers different divisions, even ones for seniors and children. See you there!

Sorry got to go now I’m “racing to the bathroom”



  • roadtrippers.kinja
  • neatorama

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