How To Make a Real Estate Investment


1. Register as an InvestorFrom Flipping2Retirement,net (4)

It’s free and easy and once you sign up you gain direct access to exclusive private real estate investments around the world.

2. Browse Investmentsbrowse

Registered investors can securely browse our marketplace of real estate investments and access a detailed investment page for any specific offering.

3. View & Finalize Investments.

When you’re ready, you can invest directly through the site. Funds are transferred electronically depending on where you live.

4. Wait for Funding Goal to be Reached.

Each investment has a unique funding goal and your funds are maintained in escrow until that goal is reached. Once reached, you own a share of that investment.

5. Manage Your Real Estate Investments Online.

As a Flipping 4 Profit Investor you have full control over your funds, via your Investor Member’s area.  As each property is sold, you choose from the different options available, what to do with your funds…

  • Take the funds out,
  • Take the profits out,
  • Reinvest the funds and profits or
  • Take some out  and reinvest some

It works like a dream and is great fun. I couldn’t find a better way to add to my retirement funds where I have total control and can watch as I gather profits to re-invest until such time when I want to use it. Why not start your property portfolio today 🙂

Go well till the next time


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