Geocaching for Grandparents

Top of my bucket list

Not only does it interest me because I like to travel around and see new things but it strikes me as such a perfect activity to do with my grandchildren.

It is such fun, you go somewhere different each hunt. It takes some skill but is not too taxing, you have the excitement of opening a cache and then of popping something interesting back into it. suggests

Bring Your Geocaching Superpowers Home for the Holidays

Visiting friends and family for the holidays is great—and geocaching can make it even better. You could take the younger ones on a fun and exciting adventure or show others a new way to get outside and be healthier. Plus, geocaching is a perfect way to work off a big holiday meal.

Travelling for the holidays also opens up a new opportunity to meet geocachers from other areas. See if there are any nearby events—or hold one of your own!

It all sounds like fun to me especially when the whole family is together over Holidays.

Such a fun outing together!

Go well till the next time


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