Carving Twig Gnomes with Your Grandchildren

Hand carved and painted twigs that soon take on the likeness of …. !

With a pocketknife I carved each twig to have a ‘face’ and ‘hat’

Gnomes 2

Step One:
Gather up your branches in the thickness you wish. Cut them to 6″ lengths.

Step Two:
Carve the front piece of the branch to expose the inner wood and shape a face and beard for your new carved friend.

Then carve upwards along the sides of the branch to make a pointed hat. Continue making slices in the branch until the tip is brought to a squared-off point.

Time to paint hats and beards to bring these new friends to life!

Gnomes 4Step Three:
The most enjoyable step of this project for both the children and I was the finishing touch of painting on beards for our new friends! For another inspiration you could try a family with rainbow hats.



The finished family of gnomes! Ready to bring cheer into the day!

Gnomes 5

Now it is time to enjoy some time of play with your handmade friends!

Some of ours found their way into a wreath that sits upon the table. Others will enjoy hitching a ride on the tops of beautifully-wrapped gifts!

Enjoy this season of giving, creating, and nurturing memories with your family!

Go well till the next time




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