Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings

I found this article about what really is cell phone etiquette so I’d like to share part of it here:

Why do so many people—especially successful people—find smartphone use in meetings to be inappropriate?

When you take out your phone it shows a:

  • Lack of respect. You consider the information on your phone to be more important than the conversation at hand, and you view people outside of the meeting to be more important than those sitting right in front of you.IMG_20141218_211720
  • Lack of attention. You are unable to stay focused on one thing at a time.
  • Lack of listening. You aren’t practising active listening, so no one around you feels heard.
  • Lack of power. You are like a modern-day Pavlovian dog who responds to the whims of others through the buzz of your phone.
  • Lack of self-awareness: You don’t understand how ridiculous your behaviour looks to other people.
  • Lack of social awareness: You don’t understand how your behaviour affects those around you.

Well as I don’t want to be labelled a Pavlovian dog I will definitely be more mindful of my cell phone usage…… well next year anyway 🙂

Come on! I’ve got to keep up with the family, which is spread around the world, this festive season, but I will be more mindful next year – promise!

Go well till next time




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