What is time, really?

New Year is just around the corner and I thank you for reading this at this time.

I’m about to see in 2015 with my family, I hope for you that your are able to as well.
If we are lucky the neighbourhood will throw  a fireworks show in their gardens and we will be able to enjoy them too, from our house!
Nasa put out this video which is quite sweet for this time of year.

Life has us all running in circles, probably no different from any other era, so I think these celebratory days throughout the year to make us slow down and appreciate our families. Do you agree?

At my New year’s eve, we all dress up and have a celebratory meal together, watch the Royal Variety Show and generally just have a really good time chilling together.

Physicists have a debate about  What time is, really?  but It’s a bit too high brow for me. For me time seems such a funny thing. At times it seems to creep past, but the older I get the faster it seems to pass and the more precious! So without further ado let me leave you with an oldie but a goodie from ABBA (Well I am a Boomer, aren’t I??)


Go well till the next time in 2015


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