The One Sign You Will Be Rich

Brian de Haaff in an article said:

“When I was studying Philosophy at Berkeley, a friend told me that she could tell who was going to be rich and who was not.”

“Fascinating, I thought. But when I asked how, she refused to answer and only said that I would figure it out. So after 20 years of thinking about it, I finally discovered the secret.
There are many types of rich — and I am talking about both external and internal rewards. Being rich is about having an abundance of what matters to you most.”

Money and happiness, although complex, are linked says economist Justin Wolfers.

Obviously, there are many ways to measure wealth:

  • whether it’s having a $250,000+ salary,
  • volunteering the most time at the local animal shelter, or
  • having the most playtime with your children.

Whatever you value,
You are rich if you have an abundance of it.

So, here is what Brian de Haaff  believes, predicts, who will be rich:

You will be rich if you work harder than everyone else.

Whether your riches are measured in friendships, fitness, talent, or money, those who have an abundance, get it by working harder to secure it.
But it’s not a winner-take-all equation — we all want different kinds of wealth. But those who do work harder are rewarded proportionally and realize these additional benefits:

  1. Mastery
    Working harder than your peers brings the natural benefit of making you an expert in that field. Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell asserts that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.
  2. Insight
    In the midst of big efforts you will start to recognize patterns that others don’t. Understanding a specific cause and effect is vital in business and personal relationships.
  3. Fresh
    To be wealthy means that you must continually improve. Hard work unlocks new efficiencies and strategies in your routines. Those extra hours of focus bring freshness to life as you work to be better at what you do.

“So, my friend was right. It’s easy to tell who will be rich. It’s not those who sit back and wait for a big break. It’s those who are constantly moving towards what is most valuable to them and work harder than anyone else to get there.” (@bdehaaff)

Fascinating insights, and in my life it has proven pretty true too.
Are you giving your best effort?
Lets work hard to attain a full rich life in all it’s aspects!! …

Go well till the next time




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