Moving house any time soon?

Are you anything like me and my family?
Have you moved house rather a lot!

I did a count up a while ago of the number of houses we have lived in… Some were very brief and not all were owned by us, but I got to 27 in our 40 year marriage! I guess I should know a thing or two about finding a good location and a comfy house by now.

We are now coming into the ‘Third Age’ period of our life and we’re looking around to see where we want to retire.

  • Where should we move to?
  • Where will we feel at home?
  • What kind of weather do we want?
  • What is the cost of living?
  • Can we afford a house?

These are questions which will impact the rest of my life…

Nomad List has been a help. It’s a site where you can choose ‘The Best Cities to Live and Work Remotely’ It scores loads of cities checking their climates, air quality, cost of living and internet speeds. At present I apparently live with super clean air but very low internet speeds here in Durban… I will be looking for some better speeds in the future but it can’t out-weigh the air quality, clean,  or climate – warm of course!

I will have to dig a bit deeper and look closely at the cost of living, cost for meals, house prices and so on. Plus I want somewhere safe, well as safe as possible.

The list is getting shorter but it’s one heck of a job and responsibility isn’t it?
Fortunately our game plan still has a few years so I should have it sorted by then!

Any tips welcome 🙂

Go well till the next time


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