Wdors or Words?

In another life I was an Infant teacher

In other words I taught children to read. I also taught them to write and spell ecxetera so I’m pretty used to seeing some weird combinations of letters and haviing to do a bit of detective work to make sure I got the jist of what was being written. I

Likewise, I am also always interested in the foibles of our brains when it comes to reading and writing.

From this image below you can see that it really is fairly easy to read quite fluently even though none of the words look familiar to traditional spelling.









So, I feel this has to beg the question,
Why is spelling so important?
Surely so long as the writer has all the letters in there somewhere and the first and last ones are in their correct place, we can get along just fine … cant we?

I don’t think so. Spelling in my mind is important but I really don’t know why seeing as I for one can certainly read it perfectly well. Is it just because I’m a traditionalist at heart or that it is really hard to write?

On that note
Og wlel tlil eth nxet tmie!


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