The Bubbly Internet Map!

I love this site and I hate it in equal measure!

This map of the internet is supposed to be a fun way to explore how sites are related to each other but each time I chose a site it couldn’t find it (the hate part) but on the “love” side each of the 350,000 sites represented as bubbles (bigger or smaller based on traffic) and placed near other similar sites are fascinating. Click and browse around.

  • Data-visualisation designer Ruslan Enikeev created The Internet map
  • Sites are sized and coloured according to their traffic volumes and their country of origin
  • Sites are mapped according to their relationship with one another

Some of the biggest websites in the world in terms of traffic are Russian websites are shown in red (are they all bride sites?)

I really never thought too much about which countries had the most sites other that as a vague awareness so I was rather surprised to find India comes second to the USA  with more than 36,000 websites. but not surprised that Chinese websites are the third most trafficked sites – some of them among the biggest on the ‘system’. And the Germany (I should not have been surprised I guess as they are so good at technology) fourth with 18,183.

However quite a difference in the number of sites per country between first and forth!

So have fun while you cogitate what that all implies to us and our lives!

Go well till the next time 🙂




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