Getting Lost?

My Internet marketing guru for many years has been Peter Carruthers.
We go back a long way although I have only ever met him once I look forward each week to his newsletter and then a webinar later in the week.crashproof retirement

He has been gently helping me me for years through the fog of my mind and the Internet towards earning enough off an Internet business so as to retire comfortably.
We are getting there still.

Anyway I digress. I rather liked this newsletter from him and decided to share it with you today.

I got lost in Steyr last week, and found the answer to never getting lost again.
Not just in Steyr, but in life.
I was there for my son’s wedding. It is in Austria where almost nobody seems to speak English. Nor Norwegian, nor Afrikaans. On a very slow Internet barely able to get email, let alone render a map.
The GastHaus only takes cash, and only in German. Walkabout involved dropping peas en route, in the style of Hansel and Gretel.

The first problem? I did not know where I was going. I was meandering, and loving it, but with no special destination in mind.

The second? Pigeons eat everything. Getting back involved some support from each pub as I drifted home. My pace speeded up after closing time until a stray taxi finally took pity on me.

Not so the next day. I wanted to get to the old city. It is right where the Steyr River joins the Enns River. My hostelry is quite close to the Steyr.

Somewhere in the fog of a gentle headache it occurred to me that following the Steyr River downhill (in the direction of the flow) would get me to where it joined the Enns, and the old city.

As I walked I thought about why we get lost in detail, why we lose the big picture. Why do we get lost in the tiny inconsequential decisions?

I think it is because we have no clear objective.

Knowing where we want to end up is as simple as following the flow of the water until it gets to where we want to be. Walking the other way means being met with a biggie decision each time two streams come together.

Do we go to the left, or is the right the correct path? It is at this point that we decide to bed down for the night. Tomorrow is another day.

Every river eventually reaches the sea, even if it blends with a bunch of others en route.

When walking downriver you always know where you are going. Upriver is far less certain, too many forks.

So, bottom line,
the single most important thing you can do is choose where you want to end up,
and then make your choices in that light.

Follow the river to your dreams. (I think I might have stolen that line from Billy Joel.)

Go well till the next time




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