Exercising Outside in Winter

Winter is rather subjective really isn’t it?

I mean here in South Africa winter temperatures can range from  17 C  &  -2 C in Bloemfontein   to 23 C & 11 C here in Durban, neither of which comes anywhere near countries in the northern climes.

Outdoor Fitness Exercise Equipment Park Trail Course Burlington North Carolina NCI’ve always loved watching the winter sports although I can’t do any of them. I also like to workout and keep fit, twinned with a love of being outdoors. So it is really appealing when I find places that cater for fitness outdoors.

My daughter goes Park Running, I love that idea even though I don’t run. Whoever thought it up, genius! It seems to bring in a new social side to running.

Then in Florida especially I have seen the outdoor gyms on the beach.
However I prefer another idea I saw where there is various equipment scattered around a park or forested area made to fit in with the environment but which when used achieves the fitness requirements.

But I digress, back to winter. It seems that if you are brave enough to venture out into the cold and exercise you can actually benefit loads more than if you did the same exercise in a gym.

  1. You’ll strengthen your heart – as cold weather makes the heart work harder to distribute blood
  2. You’ll build a tolerance for the freezing elements – that’s a given!
  3. You’ll burn more calories – as the body works harder to regulate its core temperature
  4. And apparently cold-weather exercise has the ability to boost one’s mood, thanks to the lack of humidity – who knew!
  5. Possibly the most important especially for people like me who suffer from SAD – you’ll get a good dose of vitamin D even from a wintry sun.

All good stuff to remember the next time winter comes around to your neck of the woods.
Today it’s the opposite here it’s 26 in the shade!

Happy exercising, till the next time




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