5 Tips to Prepare for your next Job

Seems the author of the article I read today has lived
a similar life to me

We’ve both seen some major upheaval in jobs which we thought were going along quite nicely until suddenly one day every thing had changed.

For me it was a change of Board members and a job that was totally re-invented for no reason. Then another time, going on holiday and coming home to find you’re retrenched!
Another time, my husband suddenly finding unexpectedly to be retired early exactly at the same time as funding for my non-profit work also dried up!

As Harris says it really “doesn’t matter who you are, where you work, what your title is, how long you’ve been there or what kind of education you have; you need to be preparing for your next job. Don’t take for granted what you have, and don’t be so naive as to think it will last forever.”

She set out some steps she recommends to be fit and ready for the next job whenever that might be:

Looking for a new job on average takes more than 6 months so you need to make sure you have a minimum of 6 months living expenses in your savings. Work it out today and make a plan to get your safety net in place.

As many recruiters will now use social media to check you out  make sure you are there too, looking spotless, and with full profiles on sites like LinkedIn. Try to get as many recommendations and endorsements as you can.

Get that CV up to date fully listing your assets:

  • Responsibilities,
  • Salaries,
  • Contact info,
  • Referees

Look at yourself and your personal skills. Are they up to date or should you take a course or two to get with the new technologies.

5. Finally, think about what you would do if you lost your job today.

  • Where would you like to work?
  • What would you want to do?
  • How would you make it happen?
  • Would you be willing to move?
  • What other companies are you interested in?
  • Do you have skills that are transferable?
  • What can do now to increase your chances of being hired somewhere else?

Personally I am pleased the way my life has turned out. Thanks to all the glitches is the reason I  originally looked for a way to not be solely dependant on a company and at the same time prepare for for my retirement. Maybe something you would like to add to the list above.

Harris’ final words … “It might seem easy to dismiss some of this if you are currently employed, but trust me, if you ever find yourself without a job, you will be glad you spent the time to get a head start on preparing for your next role.”
Go well till the next time


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