Reminiscence Resources for Older People Developing Dementia

I had a wonderful tweet the other day

I am choosy about what I re-tweed but this was a no-brainer!  I think it is such a brilliant idea I just had to tell you more about it in case you missed the tweet 🙂

I am very fortunate in that I don’t have any family  members with really bad dementia but when my grandmother was alive towards the end (at 95 years old mind you) I would try and talk to her but she would loop saying the same thing over and over. We had more success I found if  I stayed in the era where her mind was that day, that way I managed to garner a fair bit of information to help me with the family tree.

Others are not so lucky

Help is at hand in the form of *Living Memories. These amazing people have found Doug Nudds circa1938that reminiscing can be very helpful in overcoming these conversational difficulties and is even considered to be therapeutic.

Using video clips gathered from everyday life in the 1940’s, 50s and 60s the DVD’s work by triggering memories. As they are not personal “home movies” they are unlikely to stir up unsettling memories and so are safe to use as a reminiscence tool. Living Memories even supply the carer with suggestions for topics to talk about in the context of the clips as well as some useful background information about life at the time.

These DVD’s have been used very successfully in *Memory Cafes and care homes where people with dementia found the videos very interesting and later where able to engage in conversation relating to the film clips and happily related memories of their own. Their research found that often one story will lead easily on to another making for much more enjoyable sessions for both the people with dementia and their carers.

An added bonus was found: As often a carer is not of the same nationality as the person with dementia and, seldom of the same era, these videos serve as a great insight to what life was like for the people they look after and thus improve communication and understanding between them.

I am thinking of getting these DVD’s just to help jog the memories of the older family members. They don’t have dementia but who can remember well without a prod in the right direction?

If you have an elderly relative or friend that you would love to be able to chat to more maybe this is just what you need.

Go well till the next time


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