Laugh and Be Joyous

David Ick said:

The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.

As the property world shakes itself into some sort of life around the world I have noticed a lot of Boomer children complaining that they will never own their own house as it is just too expensive.
I’m not sure whether or not if that’s true but I am one of those ‘glass half full people’ so looked for the upside. If we are returning to how old families lived a couple of generations ago  so be it. Its is not all bad and definitely time to remove the negativity and laugh and be joyous.

There are the Boomerang parents who still have kids at home – some of them with their own families. This is not all horrors surely, they are your own kids not strangers and as they are working they can chuck some money towards the general running of the house.  That’s a joyous moment in itself as it frees up your money  to put towards retirement, surely!

Then if the kids have a family, well you lucky, lucky person, you’ll never miss a moment as your grandchildren grow up, many joyous moments there.
So long as some rules are in place mutual support can be a really good thing, especially in the helter skelter world we live in now where both parents need to work. A bit of grandparent care beats a after-school care any day in my mind.

Then there is the MultiGen family like the one I live in. My mum shares a property with us and it has many joyous moments. Living in the same household has built stronger bonds between us. I help with health considerations like driving my Mum for her eye check-ups and I can be sure she is looked after if she feels under the weather at any time. A great relief to be close enough for that I can tell you.

Living together whether kids or parents means we can chat to at almost any time face to face and share problems and joys. Whenever there is a family gathering my mum is a godsend with her lovely table decorations and flower arrangements making it all perfect while I concentrate on the food. Perfect synergy adding to the joyous family moments.

As someone said ” life is full of many joyous moments and you want to enjoy all of them”
Let’s stop complaining about the economy, maybe it’s time to join the crowd-investing real estate platforms from the security of Mum and Dad’s home until there are enough savings to move out if that’s what you really want!

In the meantime laugh more together and enjoy the joyous moments it is throwing at us!

Go well till the next time


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