Who is the Oldest Drummer?

I have always loved drumming. I wanted to be a drummer (well as a hobby) but I was rubbish at music. Karen Carpenter was such an inspiration, little did she realise. Any way the other day

I discovered Jerrie Thill’s videos on YouTube…

Unfortunately when I looked into her life I found she actually died in 2010, however seeing as she was born in 1917 that was a very good age. Seems she was one of those wonderful super-agers I wrote about last year in Are you a Super Ager?  Was she the oldest drummer?

What a wonderful woman she was. She led a girl band for 60 years, yes I said 60 years!!

She was the drummer and at 91 while plugged into her oxygen there she was drumming up a storm, making me in my sixties feel totally inadequate and totally in awe

This clip was first published on Feb 6, 2009 ( that was just one year before her death so she was going strong right to the end and using all the technology available to her no less. A truly staggering lady still wearing gorgeous shoes too.



The last word from her memorial guestbook:
I just discovered Jerrie’s videos on YouTube… What a wonderful woman! She has given me inspiration to learn the drums. I’m almost 40, and thought I was too old to learn! Thank you!”

So who is the oldest drummer now? Do you know?
Go well till the next time



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