Let Boomers Impart Their Knowledge

Lori Hock of Hudson Global’s Americas division talent solutions is saying what I have been advocating for years!

Unfortunately I am a very small voice but hopefully she will be heard above the buzz!

When my husband was told his former company was going to nurture the younger employees by using the ‘Golden Oldies’ to mentor them, none was happier than I. Unfortunatley the company suffered attention deficiency . Six months later they sent their ‘Golden Oldies’ out to pasture with early retirement!

What a wasted opportunity!
As Hock points out “Boomers have experience that’s important to keep organizations going long after they’ve left. Gen Y may have relaxed the workplace with game tables and free snacks, but Boomers rewrote American culture during the swinging `60s. Boomers have traits we must preserve in the workplace before the generation retires. But most companies aren’t prepared to transition their wisdom to the younger generations.

My children grew up in an environment that didn’t have winners and loosers. As a teacher I never agreed with this philosophy because that is no training for the business world as I see it.

There are very definitely winners and loosers out here.

Boomers know that, I think, and can help the next generation of employees  realise that even though they are not all getting the same salary or holding the same title there is a way to work in this hostile environment they find themselves in.

Boomers are nothing if not inventive and adaptable. We can mentor this younger generation on how to find pathways to progress along so that both the company and the employee benefit. No company can afford to keep changing staff, surely – the learning process to settle new employees is time consuming and time is money after all!.

Boomers can help younger employees with their management skills which appear to be missing in this new social environment of today.

My “no loosers and no winner” children did learn a really good skill and that is team work, however as with all good things there is a flip side. For the Gen Y it’s indecisiveness apparently.

My husband is almost pulling his hair out at the moment with the committee mentality that is hampering his ability to finish building a factory because he is the only one prepared to make a decision, everyone else goes into committee huddle mode and stalls all progress at a great expense to the client ultimately.

I think Boomers had to be decisive or drown! So who better to mentor a Gen Y in the art of making timely decisions than a Boomer. Aid the work flow and get the job done!

So Boomers, do you agree with me? Do we have some great skills to share before we fully leave the workplace?

Could this not be the perfect way for Gen Y to gain some business confidence and for the Boomers to earn that needed extra work time to top up the pension fund?
A win-win situation!

Go well till the next time


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