My Exercise Machine Broke!

I was fed up this week as my elliptical exercise machine broke!

I am quite pedantic about my exercise. I go on my machine 4-5 times a week and dance twice a week. That way my hip stays in working order and aerobically I think I’m doing alright. I get quite put out if I can’t keep it up, so a broken machine is pretty bad in my book and necessitated a rapid call to the ‘fixit’ man.

About fifteen years ago I had a real wake-up call. I went to the doc fearing the onset of arthritis, way too young I thought, but what else could cause such painful hands? It turned out that my body had decided to start storing sugar and my cholesterol levels were crazy.

Oh boy, I wasn’t even 50! How could my body fail me like that. I had always been a bit of a health freak – always cooked fresh, lots of veg and fruit etcetera and done a fair bit of exercise in the gym.

I was confused and dejected but Boomers bounce, so I took on a new diet and exercise regime.

I was so fearful of not seeing my grandchildren, still unborn at that time that I was super strict and it paid off. Although never very overweight the weight dropped and the fitness increased and the desire for chocolate disappeared.

Ever since then I have kept even more mindful of my health. A few years ago I went veggie. Suits me better somehow so that’s why I did it. Even so I’ve had to tweak the veg diet recently it seems bits of the body are showing signs of wear sadly and I now need to reduce even more on the carbs!!

Keeping this Boomer body fit and healthy is a continual work in progress. I’ve noticed that quiet a few friends are also becoming more attentive to their diet and have started to join belly dance groups, zumba, walking, jogging or going to the gym.

So my advice to everyone is care for that body of yours don’t take it for granted cause some things cant be fixed easily. I for one plan on a long healthy retirement, join me, please!

As Lee Hews says “learn to love your boomer body – and take good care of it.”

Go well till the next time




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