I cannot imagine life without the Internet

I for one love my PC, Cell Phone and Tablet

I may not be the most savvy user in the world but I use it regularly and cannot imagine life without them now even though I grew up with none of them.

I read that “60 percent of adults 65 years of age or older now regularly use the Internet according to Pew.

Apparently as a Boomer generation we are all staying pretty current of digital technology’s advances. I use it for this blog obviously but can spend hours on the Internet researching my family tree. I watch the occasional YouTube and have an app on my phone for just about anything I could think of to do from Codewords to watching live TV! My blog Apps Older People Should Know About showed a few basics.

Other Boomers I have been found:

One chap I see shares his family photos online. Rex Redstone is the oldest known Instagrammer at 85 and calls himself Instgram-Pa. He learned how to do this with Digital Eagle, a programme designed to introduce new users to apps and services that will enhance their daily lives.

I have also previously mentioned pensioners Skyping with young people around the world who are learning English and need an English-speaker to practice with. I love that idea!

Many Boomers are using it to generate income and have taken on board the myriad of Internet facilities including network marketing, affiliate marketing, Google ads to promote off/on-line businesses and the list goes on.

Boomer hobbies even use the Internet now. learning a language, reading, geocaching, and we are able to learn new ones all the time like arm knitting!

In fact I’m surprised that people are surprised that Boomers are following the technologies. heck if we didn’t we would be missing out on way so much. Of course bits of it will outstrip us but not all of it.

Keep enjoying the Internet, I certainly am!

Go well till the next time




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