Do Smells promote Memories for You?

‘Talk Therapies’ explained in a recent blog how smells and emotions are closely linked and we can use this to help us to feel the way we would like to feel,

Crazy as it sounds there is a particular car smell that I catch every so often and it immediately transports me to a specific corner in Johannesburg and reminds me of the shopping trips we used to make from my home in Zimbabwe.  They were such a luxury and so exciting for us as kids.

OK that wasn’t a very pleasant smell (I can’t call it a scent) but it does evoke so good memories still to this day.

A much nicer smell is that of the sea.
Living in landlocked Zim it was always a real thrill to smell the sea for the first time on our way to Beira in Mozambique for our annual holiday. Our holidays were fantastic, such good fun and so different to our home life, that sea smells always bring back that sense of expectation and excitement.

Apparently all we have to do to feel good is choose how you want to feel then make an association with a smell and then surround yourself with that fragrance. Sounds easy doesn’t it?
Only trouble is I’m not sure how to make the smell of the sea, so I guess that’s probably why so many people like to live at the coast cause they too like that scent.

It seems a scent can even help you recall specific information so long as the scent is present while you are studying. I guess learning a language would fall into this so I really should try wearing a perfume while I do my Spanish lessons and then again when I want to speak it in Spain. That way the words should come to me more easily. Definitely worth a try.
I’ll let you know how I fair!

Enjoy your fragrant memories

Go well till the next time


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