Decide What it is You Want to Do …..

Dolph de Roos Real Estate Riches said:

Decide what it is you want to do and then go out there and do it.
If you are not having fun, change something until you are.

One person who went out there and did it is Lars Andersen who has taken archery to a whole new level excellence


You don’t need to be so extreme or intense though to tweak your life into a new happier place.

For me it was taking a couple of courses to better understand the real estate business and then to do something quite alien to me and that is invest the money myself not with a professional. Previous blogs have explained the why to this so I won’t bore you with it.

This I must say has been challenging but only because it is unknown territory for me the actual business of investing is great fun – much more fun than I thought 🙂

Another tweak was to join my local SASFA fitness group. Again it took a long while to summon up the courage to actually walk in and ask if I could join but from that day on it has been such fun! And as a sideline the body also feels a lot fitter.

Finally I took up Spanish lessons to lubricate my rusty Spanish. Again looking for the right teacher was a bit of a mission but I now have a lovely online ‘profesor‘ .

I just love the easy way he has taken me through and how quickly I could get my fluency and vocabulary in sync. My Chilean friend is very pleased, she even commented on how much more fluent I was during one of our Skype chats.

It has all proved to have worked out well and has certainly improved the quality of my life.
What are you doing that has improved your lifestyle?

Go well till the next time


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