Investing in Property is so Relatively Simple

Dolph de Roos in his book Real Estate Riches said

Given that investing in property is so relatively simple and so uniform around the world I am utterly surprised that most people still only consider owning investment properties within a few miles of their home

That reinforces for me my earlier conviction that I needed to invest in property but not in the country I was living as the currency was dropping rapidly against the US Dollar.

Then today I get an email from Robert Kiyosaki predicting the biggest collapse in history coming possibly as soon as 2016!

It got me to thinking how I could possibly protect ourselves against another financial collapse. I don’t know about you but I certainly can’t withstand loosing the pension again and having to start all over again, let alone suffering all the worry that goes with too little money.

So how can we protect ourselves?
Could property be the answer?

If you are someone who wants to go it alone you may find that in your own area the property market is not at it’s best right now but if you take Dolph de Roos’s suggestion and look further afield you could find what you need.

There seem to be many countries where it is smart to be buying property right now and the Internet can guide you to make your choices wisely. Sometimes its just another state you need to look at . But what he was getting at is that there is property all over the world and nowadays its really easy to do a lot of due dilligence on the Internet so don’t be put off by your local marketplace. Be brave, your foresight could be what saves you in the future if Kiyosaki is correct.

Personally I’m happier investing with my crowd. It gives me people to discuss decisions with and gives us all the convenience of investing small amounts in any one property and not having to do all the hard part of finding and maintaining any of the properties.
We get to choose from a selection of properties around the world and by having a small share of several properties we feel pretty secure not to ever be in the unenviable position of having all our money falling at the same time. Hedging our bets I call it!

I think I am doing all that I can for my family. How do you feel? Are you financially secure against another collapse?


Go well till the next time

  • Dolph de Roos – Real Estate Riches
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad

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