Who knew exercising the brain could be such fun!

I have stumbled across the most fun site that I’ve found in ages!

http://brain.aarp.org/ – They have taken the memory loss we all suffer from in it’s various forms, and they have turned it into a game. You can enter the brain gym and spend a most pleasurable 10 minutes trying to beat yourself at some game which you know is going to improve some aspect of your memory. A win / win situation if ever there was one!

Each brain exercise is broken up into 2-minute training bites, so that you can train while you wait for an appointment, sit on a subway, or any other time you just have a few minutes free. You can also train for hours at a time if that’s your preference! You can train on any computer that has internet access with their brain exercise apps.

BrainHQ tracks your progress regardless of what device you’re working on, so you get credit for all your hard work.

It covers 12 different aspect leaving no memory spots untrained 🙂

AARP says that studies show that using these exercises speeds up processing by an average of 135%, so that the average 70-year-old achieves the speed of someone in their 30s.
I don’t know about you but for me that will do very nicely thank you!

  • Several of the exercises improve auditory memory, so you remember more of what you hear while others help us to be more effective and error-free in tasks, from grocery shopping to choir practice to projects at work.
  • BrainHQ exercises help people find words more easily, making them feel sharper and more confident in conversation and even aids us when learning a foreign language.
  • How quickly you can react to something depends on how quickly your brain registers it. These exercises are designed to help the brain produce dopamine and other brain chemicals that help people feel alert, rewarded, and upbeat.

The suggested exercise time is less than keeping physically fit only  90 minutes a week. That’s only 13 minutes a day – We can all do that, especially as it comes with such life enhancing benefits.  I easily whiled away 15 minutes today!

Finally AARP say that “brain exercise is like physical exercise: making real and lasting changes takes effort.” but wow these have got to be so worthwhile and way better than the alternative!!
Go well till the next time



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