Ask about your neighbours, then buy the house!

Proverbs and old wives tales hang around I have found because they fundamentally  are offering smart advice if anyone cares to heed it.

‘Ask about your neighbours, then buy the house’ is one such wise Jewish proverb.
Meeting the neighbours is part of doing your due diligence and more than giving you an idea of whether you will be compatible or not more importantly it might prevent you from making a buying mistake and purchasing a home which is not a best fit for you just because the neighbours disclosed some facts that the seller might rather omit to tell you like the time the heavy rains brought a deluge of mud rushing in the front door and out the back door two years ago!! Yes a friend of mine had just that scenario.

Buying a home is a kind of a game but with very high stakes (your life savings ++), and huge opportunities to avoid outing inconvenient facts. Remember it’s always a good idea to follow up on what anyone  has to say with more of your own research as well.

Clever questions to ask the neighbour when buying

So, here are some questions thought up by to ask the neighbours.

  • How long have you lived in the neighbourhood?
  • What do you like best about living here?
  • What do you like least about living here?
  • Do all the neighbours get along with each other?
  • Have you ever noticed anything odd going on with this house or in the neigbhorhood?
  • If you could change one thing about this street, what would it be?
  • How is crime in this area — has anything happened around here?
  • How quiet is the neighbourhood?
  • Do you know the seller (or previous owner if the home is an estate) — are you aware of any issues the seller has had with the house?
  • Has the seller ever complained to you about anything?

The people that live in a neighbourhood can be your best source of information. By talking with them before making a decision to buy a particular house, you’ll learn more about what goes on in the neighbourhood, who the good and bad neighbours are, and issues that might not be obvious about the house, street or area.

 So, Ask your neighbours, and Ask about your neighbours, then buy the house 🙂
Go well till the next time


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