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Our Food is changing shape

I have watched with fascination as the chefs on TV have brought the most strange food for us to eat…

Food that doesn’t look anything like in it’s raw state like the Magic mushroom starter Heston Blumenthal style
the first chef  to twist my foodie mind and included Exploding volcanoes!

Now if you have the inclination you can be like Blumenthal. Get yourself a 3D printer and print out a wide range of different foods,I have watched a face being printed on to a pizza and chocolate leaving a message on your plate

Now you can PancakeBot your pancakes!

This 3D printer moves, and works just like a normal printer, but instead of squirting out ink or some plastic substance, this one squirts pre-mixed pancake batter onto a hot skillet. You simply programme it by drawing out any shape you desire.

Check out the video below to see it in action, get inspired to design pancakes like never before eaten!!

What a great hobby to take up in retirement! Who knows you may even be able to turn it into  a fun way to make some extra income…

Go well and cook up a storm!




Energy-Boosting Foods for Senior Citizens

CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village


If you’re like most of us, you’re often in awe of the “young folks” and their seemingly boundless energy. Where does all that energy come from? Do you ever wish you could get your own dose of extra energy?

The secret to boosting your energy may be in the foods you eat. Different foods affect the body in different ways, and some foods contain just the right nutrients to give you a little jolt of energy when you’re feeling sluggish.

Top 5 Energy Boosting Foods

1. Water: It’s not a “food,” but it is essential for sustaining life—and energy! Water helps clear your body of toxins that may be dragging you down. It is also responsible for hydration, which in turn can prevent fatigue and depression. Add a bit of lemon to your water, and you’ve got a natural energy drink!

2. Fresh Fruit: The natural sugar found in fruit…

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Less Kitchen Time

I think I’ve done my time in the kitchen.

I cooked daily for the family and always made sure they ate ‘healthy’
I still eat ‘healthy’ but really I want to spend a whole lot less time there than I used to in the kitchen.

I have been collecting kitchen short-cuts ever since I started cooking, and that was a while ago!
My favourite is probably the lettuce slam! Instantly core a head of iceberg lettuce by slamming it down on a cutting board. So simple and clean. then I also picked up  that if I microwaved my lemons and limes I got a whole lot more juice out.

Anyway the other day I bumped into this simple tip and was very pleased to add it to my repertoire of kitchen short cuts.

Of course I had to keep looking now I’d started and here are a few more goodies:

21 Cooking Tips That Will Change Your Life 21 Cooking Tips That Will Change Your Life

  • Use a spoon to peel a kiwi from the inside out.
  • Pre-soak pasta and it will cook in about 60 seconds.
  • Hold cherry tomatoes between two plastic lids to slice them all at once.

Hope that cuts a few more minutes of the preparation and cooking times.

Eat well till the next time