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Is Your Financial Advisor Messing with Your Retirement?

Regular readers may know a little about me but when I saw an article the other day asking this question I thought, oh dear, I’m not the only one needing to make a plan.

More importantly, what are we all doing about it?

I do not have any resources to draw on other than my failing stocks, which are still tied up for another *** years. I cannot afford to put up my hands and say “C’est la vie!”not if I wish to eat once I retire! Much more importantly though, I have a pretty long bucket list that I would like to tick off satisfactorily.

So off to work I went.
The question is, what on earth is going to fill the hole in my current bucket which is loosing money at a disastrous rate?

I have scoured the Internet and read several books and taken several courses to best arm myself against more bad judgement calls.

I am currently on a course putting together the means for me to earn a reasonable passive income from the Internet with my long-time business guru Peter Carruthers. I did battle with an idea of what to do but now I’m busy researching my ideas to see what will gel. With Pete by my side I know it will work as he is passionate about helping us all have enough to retire on.

My Dad was a quantity surveyor and my brother is an architect and some of that seems to have rubbed off on me as I have always had an interest in property. It seemed natural to look too property for another string to my bow. I have done several courses but realised that the daily cut and thrust was maybe a bit too hectic for me so I looked for a simpler way to invest in property.

Fortunately crowdfunding has taken off in a big way and it has flowed into the property domain. This means I don’t need to find vast amounts of money I can invest my small amounts each month and draw out my percentage of rent payments or sale profits.
That is a really cool idea in itself but the best is that it is totally managed by a company not me! There are various companies to choose from but I found Flipping4Profit had an added tweak to offer. I decided (after much due diligence) to invest with them and explore their added extra which is simply networking the idea to others.

I’ve not stopped looking for other ways to create some income but having done the maths I’m satisfied that if I keep to my plan with these two income making avenues I should now be fine until the day I die regardless of what my financial advisor manages with the money I put into his hands!

I’m going to be OK, are you?
Go well till the next time




Ways to Save For Retirement?

Have you suffered like my previous blog suggested from
analysis paralysis?

I took the big plunge last year – stopped analysing and went with my gut. Do you know what? It’s actually working out just fine.  Here are a few of the ways I used to stop researching myself into inactivity and to kick-start my saving and investing each month. My goal, which is 4 years away, is firmly being visualised.

I decided I wanted to use real estate to invest in but got very disheartened with how to get there but I found a way to START SMALL .  I started with just $100, you can’t get much smaller than that! It was such a relief to find I didn’t need $40,000 to invest. I have time to grow my savings. I will get to my goal figure even though I have started so small.

So the advice I have found is to set yourself a goal to save at least 10 to 15 percent of your income each month for retirement if you’re in your 30’s. If you are older and just beginning then you will need to invest more, 20-25%. If you’re able to do more, wow! Just do it!

The next important step was to START NOW. Hey, once you know you should be saving what on earth are you waiting for. Just do it, NOW! Do not put off retirement planning for your later years. It needs to happen now.

I also realised that I needed to GET HELP, I talked to accountants, real estate professionals, tax professionals, took a course or two. All useful in helping my decision making, simpler. There’s nothing wrong in seeking advice on your finances. It’s wise.

Having started, I have to keep going, it is important to MAKE A HABIT out of saving/investing.
Our savings won’t grow if we don’t make it part of our monthly routine. I found the more I do it, the easier it becomes.

TAKE THE RISK – All investments have an element of risk but if you want to make your money grow, you’re going to need to take a few risks. We have previously discussed how to use a balance of research and gut feeling to get it right for you. If you need help there is plenty out there, go and speak with a financial specialist on the best options for your goals.

Have you notice how rich people always LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES. So be awake, so as not to miss when opportunity knocks. See it for what it is! One opportunity if you work for a company could be the company savings platform. It makes perfect sense to use this to build your future pension because the company matches your savings. What shopper/saver can turn down an offer of 2 for the price of 1? Surely it has to be a no-brainer?

Of course you cannot do any of the above if you don’t BUDGET. You can’t save more than you can afford. I have read that a good rule to follow is the 10-10-80 rule–where you save 10 percent of your income, invest the other 10 percent, and live off the remaining 80 percent.

Finally, *Madamenoire wisely points out  that “If you don’t put away for your retirement, you aren’t going to have money for yourself, let alone people who might need to depend on you.

Hope this helps kick-start your savings Remember to  START .

Go well till the next time

Analysis Paralysis – Do you suffer from this?

Analysis Paralysis

According to the urbandictionary.com our ego is responsible for hate, fear, and delusion.
They further suggest that ego was perhaps necessary for survival in some evolutionary bygone, but in modern times it leads only to (albeit often disguised) misanthropic beliefs and delusion.

Choosing the Right Investment Vehicle

When looking for ways to best save our money, choosing the right investment vehicle is just one time when our ego can convince us that we haven’t done enough research using a variety of excuses to ourself however the one true reason is because: it doesn’t like the unknown.
Have you:

  • Read every piece of property media and felt overwhelmed with the conflicting trends?
  • Saved for the right investment opportunity, but never found one?
  • Inspected countless websites, just to get a feel for investments?
  • Been waiting for the “right time” for more longer than you care to say?

Analysis paralysis or the state of over-thinking a situation and can stop you from ever making your life better!

Theresa Rose suggests that we:

  1. Set the timer. Give yourself a defined period of time to finish the process of data gathering.
  2. Listen to your gut. What does your instinct tell you to do? What option brings you the most satisfaction and joy? What feels right?
  3. Ask for a second opinion. Run your arguments past an impartial trusted friend or colleague. Make sure you don’t choose someone who wants a particular outcome or who will tell you only what you want to hear.
  4. Do a mental dry run. Mentally play out your decision exactly as you wish it to be. Mentally replay this imaginary outcome over and over again until you feel utterly confident in moving forward.
  5. Take the leap. Make a commitment to act by a certain date and follow through on your commitment without hesitation.

You will still have fear and doubt running through your head but so long as you expect it and know that it is nothing only your ego trying to stop you going into something different.

All great leaders hear that same nagging voice, yet they choose to act anyway.
You can do it, too!

Paul Wilson  says “In my experience with clients who suffered from Analysis Paralysis, I can confirm that the most common repercussion of the syndrome is the feeling of regretNo money could buy back the time they spent over-analysing every aspect of their (non-existent) investment journey.”

I listened to my gut a few months ago and with a certain amount of fear I joined a crowd investing platform and invested in my first property. I felt good, relieved I no longer had to make choices. Since then the profit return has also been good so I’m proof that action beats no action.
Go well till the next time


Invest in Something You Understand Not An Idea!

“Invest in something you understand not an idea”

This are the wise words of Scott McGillivray in an interview with Robert Laura, a retirement activist. Robert Laura is well known for his insight into retirement and investing for retirement. He had an interesting interview with Scott McGillivray of HGTV Canada. Mcgillivray’s recommendations are to:

  • Invest in something you understand not an idea – get some education
  • Property is get rich slow not get rich quick
  • Follow through – Do It!

On Creating An Income Property

He is in favour or ‘Buy and Hold’ for rentals and I can see what he means, but there really is a thrill in a flip isn’t there.

However I have followed most of his recommendations.

  1. I have spent several years and many dollars getting educated. It is an ongoing process I have found but the initial grounding has stood me in good stead.
  2. I have made my plan as he recommends.  Phew got that right!
    I have a 4 year plan of investing and saving, at the end of which there should be enough invested to produce a good passive income for my retirement.
  3. And I do realise profit from real estate is a slow process. I have been already working my ‘plan’ for a while now.

real estate
However I decided, unlike McGillivray to not become a full on landlord.
I don’t know about you but I am not of the age that I want to dash around after workmen and rental people.
Instead I use people to do that for me.
I am still a landlord, of sorts, because I have a part investment in some ‘buy and hold’ properties but, and this is the important part for me, without any of the hassles involved in finding and looking after an investment property.

Also, I do like to flip with some of my money!

I find flipping so satisfying.
I suppose it could just mean that I’m impatient or short on staying power but whatever it is I enjoy choosing what to invest in then waiting for the flip within a few months and BINGO my money is returned with a nice profit attached.

I am on track to some good retirement income and loving every minute, are you?

Go well till the next time


Need a Unique Gift this Christmas?

Well this year I seem to be pretty on top of buying my gifts, this has got to be a first.
I have just a couple of sticky gifts left. You know, the ones where you simple can’t come up with something a little unique or appropriate for the person in question.

There are many so many sites and shops all vying for our money this Christmas and if you are anything like my husband you will not even have given Christmas a thought yet, let alone coming up with a meaningful unique gift for that someone special. In his case me!

So while I was looking for something a bit different but meaningful for my special group of friends and family I decided to help him out to see what these shopping sites can offer that would be well received but without breaking the bank.

  1. Forbes.com had a lot of lovely techie and kitchen ideas but not what I though right for me or my lot.
  2. myfavouritemagazines.co.uk is offering the standard fall back of a magazine subscription. OK but not unique in any way is it?
  3. Stores are suggesting that a last minute gift could be a box of chocolates – To me that smacks of really not having thought about the person at all, a mindless gift unless given by a child.
  4. buzzfeed suggest several under $36 gifts mmmm unpocketworth another look, some rather different stuff there.
  5. lastminute.com has tons of nice experiences and gifts, some outrageously expensive for me but I did find a lovely experience for my sister… Making her own fragrance and naming it. Pretty unique!
  6. 1984.the-affair.com/ I also bumped into this crowdfunded site and what I think is a really unique gift of an Unpocket, which makes phones and cards untrackable and unhackable. The only problem being it won’t be ready for Christmas, so maybe I’ll have to resort to the chocolates after all with a promissory token attached!!
  7. flipping4profit.com Finally one site I have also used is to give a gift that will keep on giving, that being an investment. In this case its a chance to join some crowd investors to create profit from real estate.

So there are some fun unique gifts out there. good luck with your festive shopping.
Now I’ve found something for everyone, I’m going to retreat with my new Headspace app and relax.

Go well till the next time

Do You Believe in Luck or Sheer Hard Work?

Talk Therapies asked me the other day

“How lucky are you?”

Well, so are you lucky? – Do you believe in luck?

I’m a pretty, ‘feet on the ground’, type of gal and have always believed in a good work ethic as being prime to self-help, however, I think timing has an awful lot to do with your success.

So is timing; luck, innate knowledge, or good planning?
Again being pretty practical I would say a dash of all of the above:
Looking at the people who have been in my life I have noticed that some people do seem to have good things come their way more often than others. Whether it’s winning competitions or raffles,  good board games/cards or just has cool stuff happening to them.

What makes that happen? Luck? Timing? or Knowledge?
According to Talk Therapies there have been several studies on this and the findings all seem to point to one thing…

Taking a chance!

“People who appear to be lucky tend to be more social and are open to opportunity. They
tend to be more optimistic people who believe that good things will happen, so they take
a chance. The more chances you take, the more likely you are that some of them will
pay off.”

Of course memory plays a neat job at making lucky people luckier too, because we all tend to not know about, or to conveniently forget about, all the failures that led to their lucky streaks.
Perfect examples are celebrities who have suddenly “arrived” (not)
It took them plenty of hard slog and refusals to get there!

Talk Therapies has a good little test you can do “Imagine a friend that takes a chance every day. Maybe one in 10 of those will pay off – so that’s about 3 good things that happen a month. Now think of a friend who only takes one opportunity a month – they may only have one good thing happen all year. It’s about the same ratio of good to bad but one friend will seem a lot luckier, particularly if they only tell you about the good things that happen.

“So, if you want to be lucky, say yes to every opportunity that comes your way
who knows where it could lead.

I say Yes to that, ‘with knobs on!!’

My latest opportunity is, amazingly turning into something I only dreamed about
Yes I’m working at it but nothing is passive unless you’re dead!
But it is giving me a great opportunity to have a decent retirement income, I couldn’t be happier!

What can you say yes to today?

Go on – Be lucky!!
You never know where it could lead.

Go well till the next time



Solar Roadways – What an idea!!

Solar Roadways is currently firmly in the development stage, but thanks to successful fund raising on project funding website IndiGoGo, and the help of a daft YouTube promotional video by a fan, Scott and Julie Brusaw are carrying out their plans for a modular, solar panelled road way. What a brilliant idea!!

The plan is to develop a myriad of cells that are fitted together to create roadways. They will then utilise the suns energy to create power, which could be used for nearby towns for instance. As roads cover such a large surface and mainly open to the sun they are perfect for creating energy if made of solar panels .

Starting with a solar panelled car park, Scott and Julie have a long design process ahead of them, however if this method reaches mass manufacturing and implementation then a highly modernised road way is to be expected.
These panels would not only provide energy for neighbouring buildings but have endless opportunities; including charging the vehicles driving on them, increasing road safety through the inclusion of lights in each cell which could monitor driving patterns and signal when someone is driving dangerously, as well as creating roads that will last longer with less maintenance.

I love this idea and am off to invest in it… what a great inheritance to leave to our Grandchildren.

Go well till the next time



  • solarroadways.com
  • laterlife.com