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Our Food is changing shape

I have watched with fascination as the chefs on TV have brought the most strange food for us to eat…

Food that doesn’t look anything like in it’s raw state like the Magic mushroom starter Heston Blumenthal style
the first chef  to twist my foodie mind and included Exploding volcanoes!

Now if you have the inclination you can be like Blumenthal. Get yourself a 3D printer and print out a wide range of different foods,I have watched a face being printed on to a pizza and chocolate leaving a message on your plate

Now you can PancakeBot your pancakes!

This 3D printer moves, and works just like a normal printer, but instead of squirting out ink or some plastic substance, this one squirts pre-mixed pancake batter onto a hot skillet. You simply programme it by drawing out any shape you desire.

Check out the video below to see it in action, get inspired to design pancakes like never before eaten!!

What a great hobby to take up in retirement! Who knows you may even be able to turn it into  a fun way to make some extra income…

Go well and cook up a storm!




Let us be grateful to people who make us happy

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Marcel Proust wrote that.
Today it’s our eldest son’s birthday. It is always on birthdays they I reflect on how lucky we are in having four fine, healthy children who all bring us so much joy.

I am truly grateful to them as they do make me and my husband so very happy.
It also focuses me on my day to day investing. Nothing is better at bringing the world into sharp focus than to realise that another year has passed and to reflect on the future.

We want to retire somewhere warm and within a cheap flight from where three out of four of them live. I need to be able to see my family more regularly but without:

  1. the huge air fares
  2. the long haul in the aeroplane

So it’s time to check in on the investment plan and make sure it’s on track!

Hope you too can enjoy your family today and every day

Go well till the next time

Carving Twig Gnomes with Your Grandchildren

Hand carved and painted twigs that soon take on the likeness of …. !

With a pocketknife I carved each twig to have a ‘face’ and ‘hat’

Gnomes 2

Step One:
Gather up your branches in the thickness you wish. Cut them to 6″ lengths.

Step Two:
Carve the front piece of the branch to expose the inner wood and shape a face and beard for your new carved friend.

Then carve upwards along the sides of the branch to make a pointed hat. Continue making slices in the branch until the tip is brought to a squared-off point.

Time to paint hats and beards to bring these new friends to life!

Gnomes 4Step Three:
The most enjoyable step of this project for both the children and I was the finishing touch of painting on beards for our new friends! For another inspiration you could try a family with rainbow hats.



The finished family of gnomes! Ready to bring cheer into the day!

Gnomes 5

Now it is time to enjoy some time of play with your handmade friends!

Some of ours found their way into a wreath that sits upon the table. Others will enjoy hitching a ride on the tops of beautifully-wrapped gifts!

Enjoy this season of giving, creating, and nurturing memories with your family!

Go well till the next time



Geocaching for Grandparents

Top of my bucket list

Not only does it interest me because I like to travel around and see new things but it strikes me as such a perfect activity to do with my grandchildren.

It is such fun, you go somewhere different each hunt. It takes some skill but is not too taxing, you have the excitement of opening a cache and then of popping something interesting back into it.

Geocaching.com suggests

Bring Your Geocaching Superpowers Home for the Holidays

Visiting friends and family for the holidays is great—and geocaching can make it even better. You could take the younger ones on a fun and exciting adventure or show others a new way to get outside and be healthier. Plus, geocaching is a perfect way to work off a big holiday meal.

Travelling for the holidays also opens up a new opportunity to meet geocachers from other areas. See if there are any nearby events—or hold one of your own!

It all sounds like fun to me especially when the whole family is together over Holidays.

Such a fun outing together!

Go well till the next time

Solar Roadways – What an idea!!

Solar Roadways is currently firmly in the development stage, but thanks to successful fund raising on project funding website IndiGoGo, and the help of a daft YouTube promotional video by a fan, Scott and Julie Brusaw are carrying out their plans for a modular, solar panelled road way. What a brilliant idea!!

The plan is to develop a myriad of cells that are fitted together to create roadways. They will then utilise the suns energy to create power, which could be used for nearby towns for instance. As roads cover such a large surface and mainly open to the sun they are perfect for creating energy if made of solar panels .

Starting with a solar panelled car park, Scott and Julie have a long design process ahead of them, however if this method reaches mass manufacturing and implementation then a highly modernised road way is to be expected.
These panels would not only provide energy for neighbouring buildings but have endless opportunities; including charging the vehicles driving on them, increasing road safety through the inclusion of lights in each cell which could monitor driving patterns and signal when someone is driving dangerously, as well as creating roads that will last longer with less maintenance.

I love this idea and am off to invest in it… what a great inheritance to leave to our Grandchildren.

Go well till the next time



  • solarroadways.com
  • laterlife.com

Knitting it all together

Who knew we could do quite so many things with wool!

While having my nails done the other day (I have terrible weak, tatty nails) I got chatting with the manicurist, as one does, and found we had a similar interest in Pinterest  and that she had just found a fascinating board all about “arm knitting”.

Well I had to look that up – totally fascinating!! Then I had to tell the world! – as I tend to always do if I think I’ve stumbled onto something good 

On a subsequent visit I asked how the arm knitting was going – it seems that in just half an hour Kerry had managed to make a whole scarf, and was now making loads more for all the cracker fillings this year! – I was thinking –What great idea for the grandchildren to do in the holidays, I think I could use this idea!

A naughty side thought – They can’t get into much mischief with their arms all tied up in wool now can they? Ha! ha!

So what else can we do with wool and grandchildren that is a bit unusual?

fun things for kids

Plenty I’m sure but one idea that caught my imagination was on the website laughingkidslearn.com a simple but fun bit of chopping up wool and throwing it at a sticky sheet. Reminiscent of fuzzy felt days, and great fun. Even after finishing, you can redo it differently!

Then finally I found something a bit more bizarre

How about Neuro Knitting?

Hook up the head to some fancy equipment and voila! You can use your brain waves to create a design pattern for a scarf

To create these one-of-a-kind scarf designs, artists Varvara Guljajeva, Mar Canet and Sebastian Mealla created a program called Neuro Knitting. With the use of Neuro Knitting and an EEG headset, they were able to take a person’s brainwave and turn it into knitting patterns. Each stitch pattern is the physical representation of a person’s brainwave while listening to classical music.

It would’ve been interesting to see what type of scarf designs the machine produces if the wearers of the headset are listening to rock or pop.
So when you dash off to the shops to get ready for the grandchildren activities pick your colours carefully as some studies have found that colour can affect mood and we want happy scarf wearers this season!
To help you choose a colours for your wool it can be useful to know that:

  • people who are cold prefer warm colours like red and yellow while
  • people who are hot prefer cool colours like blue and green,
  • the colour red was perceived as strong and active.
  • Blue is the top choice for 35% of Americans, followed by green (16%), purple (10%) and red (9%)

Happy knitting till the next time


• Project web: knitic.com/neuro/