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Our Food is changing shape

I have watched with fascination as the chefs on TV have brought the most strange food for us to eat…

Food that doesn’t look anything like in it’s raw state like the Magic mushroom starter Heston Blumenthal style
the first chef  to twist my foodie mind and included Exploding volcanoes!

Now if you have the inclination you can be like Blumenthal. Get yourself a 3D printer and print out a wide range of different foods,I have watched a face being printed on to a pizza and chocolate leaving a message on your plate

Now you can PancakeBot your pancakes!

This 3D printer moves, and works just like a normal printer, but instead of squirting out ink or some plastic substance, this one squirts pre-mixed pancake batter onto a hot skillet. You simply programme it by drawing out any shape you desire.

Check out the video below to see it in action, get inspired to design pancakes like never before eaten!!

What a great hobby to take up in retirement! Who knows you may even be able to turn it into  a fun way to make some extra income…

Go well and cook up a storm!




A fat-free crisp maker!

I happened upon this interesting looking kitchen tool the other day and thought what a nice gift it would make for my sister-in-law to make quick, easy, healthy snacks for her children.

The problem is that I have grown quite fond of the idea of easy, quick snacks for me too!

I was being very disciplined until I saw this recipe which I just had to try out using the fat-free crisp maker…

Oops, I’ll find her something else – maybe a nice massage instead!


  1. Cut a zucchini into thin slices and
  2. Toss in 1 Tbsp olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.
  3. Sprinkle with paprika and bake at 450°F for 25 to 30 minutes.
    (Changed to 3 mins in the microwave on my new fryer, what a pleasure!)

Using paprika not only to flavours this healthy snack, but also boosts your metabolism, reduces your appetite, and lowers your blood pressure. It also tastes GOOD 🙂

Go well till the next time

Who knew exercising the brain could be such fun!

I have stumbled across the most fun site that I’ve found in ages!

http://brain.aarp.org/ – They have taken the memory loss we all suffer from in it’s various forms, and they have turned it into a game. You can enter the brain gym and spend a most pleasurable 10 minutes trying to beat yourself at some game which you know is going to improve some aspect of your memory. A win / win situation if ever there was one!

Each brain exercise is broken up into 2-minute training bites, so that you can train while you wait for an appointment, sit on a subway, or any other time you just have a few minutes free. You can also train for hours at a time if that’s your preference! You can train on any computer that has internet access with their brain exercise apps.

BrainHQ tracks your progress regardless of what device you’re working on, so you get credit for all your hard work.

It covers 12 different aspect leaving no memory spots untrained 🙂

AARP says that studies show that using these exercises speeds up processing by an average of 135%, so that the average 70-year-old achieves the speed of someone in their 30s.
I don’t know about you but for me that will do very nicely thank you!

  • Several of the exercises improve auditory memory, so you remember more of what you hear while others help us to be more effective and error-free in tasks, from grocery shopping to choir practice to projects at work.
  • BrainHQ exercises help people find words more easily, making them feel sharper and more confident in conversation and even aids us when learning a foreign language.
  • How quickly you can react to something depends on how quickly your brain registers it. These exercises are designed to help the brain produce dopamine and other brain chemicals that help people feel alert, rewarded, and upbeat.

The suggested exercise time is less than keeping physically fit only  90 minutes a week. That’s only 13 minutes a day – We can all do that, especially as it comes with such life enhancing benefits.  I easily whiled away 15 minutes today!

Finally AARP say that “brain exercise is like physical exercise: making real and lasting changes takes effort.” but wow these have got to be so worthwhile and way better than the alternative!!
Go well till the next time


Do Smells promote Memories for You?

‘Talk Therapies’ explained in a recent blog how smells and emotions are closely linked and we can use this to help us to feel the way we would like to feel,

Crazy as it sounds there is a particular car smell that I catch every so often and it immediately transports me to a specific corner in Johannesburg and reminds me of the shopping trips we used to make from my home in Zimbabwe.  They were such a luxury and so exciting for us as kids.

OK that wasn’t a very pleasant smell (I can’t call it a scent) but it does evoke so good memories still to this day.

A much nicer smell is that of the sea.
Living in landlocked Zim it was always a real thrill to smell the sea for the first time on our way to Beira in Mozambique for our annual holiday. Our holidays were fantastic, such good fun and so different to our home life, that sea smells always bring back that sense of expectation and excitement.

Apparently all we have to do to feel good is choose how you want to feel then make an association with a smell and then surround yourself with that fragrance. Sounds easy doesn’t it?
Only trouble is I’m not sure how to make the smell of the sea, so I guess that’s probably why so many people like to live at the coast cause they too like that scent.

It seems a scent can even help you recall specific information so long as the scent is present while you are studying. I guess learning a language would fall into this so I really should try wearing a perfume while I do my Spanish lessons and then again when I want to speak it in Spain. That way the words should come to me more easily. Definitely worth a try.
I’ll let you know how I fair!

Enjoy your fragrant memories

Go well till the next time

Do you use a phone while driving?

I know it is very tempting in this era of instant communication to think about answering your cell phone call while you are driving, and unfortunately I still see many a weaving driver on their phone but everyone knows it’s dangerous to use a phone and drive, so why do motorists still do it?

I live in South Africa and we have one of the highest incidents of road accidents in the world, many of them fatal. I recently came across an App that is trying to get us ALL compliant and safe,  SafeDrive  – www.getsafedrive.com

The great thing I think is that this app  encourages good driving habits with rewards in the real world. It uses a point system that offers discounts on products and services when drivers refrain from touching their for the duration of a trip.

If they can’t resist checking their device the app warns them that they will lose any points gained for the journey if they choose to continue.

App users can also track their trip histories and compare their results with friends.

I hope this app takes off world-wide as with such positive reinforcement just maybe we can all stop using a phone while driving!

SafeDrive can be downloaded from Android and Windows phones, although a release date for iOS devices is yet to be announced.

Drive safely till the next time

Energy-Boosting Foods for Senior Citizens

CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village


If you’re like most of us, you’re often in awe of the “young folks” and their seemingly boundless energy. Where does all that energy come from? Do you ever wish you could get your own dose of extra energy?

The secret to boosting your energy may be in the foods you eat. Different foods affect the body in different ways, and some foods contain just the right nutrients to give you a little jolt of energy when you’re feeling sluggish.

Top 5 Energy Boosting Foods

1. Water: It’s not a “food,” but it is essential for sustaining life—and energy! Water helps clear your body of toxins that may be dragging you down. It is also responsible for hydration, which in turn can prevent fatigue and depression. Add a bit of lemon to your water, and you’ve got a natural energy drink!

2. Fresh Fruit: The natural sugar found in fruit…

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My Exercise Machine Broke!

I was fed up this week as my elliptical exercise machine broke!

I am quite pedantic about my exercise. I go on my machine 4-5 times a week and dance twice a week. That way my hip stays in working order and aerobically I think I’m doing alright. I get quite put out if I can’t keep it up, so a broken machine is pretty bad in my book and necessitated a rapid call to the ‘fixit’ man.

About fifteen years ago I had a real wake-up call. I went to the doc fearing the onset of arthritis, way too young I thought, but what else could cause such painful hands? It turned out that my body had decided to start storing sugar and my cholesterol levels were crazy.

Oh boy, I wasn’t even 50! How could my body fail me like that. I had always been a bit of a health freak – always cooked fresh, lots of veg and fruit etcetera and done a fair bit of exercise in the gym.

I was confused and dejected but Boomers bounce, so I took on a new diet and exercise regime.

I was so fearful of not seeing my grandchildren, still unborn at that time that I was super strict and it paid off. Although never very overweight the weight dropped and the fitness increased and the desire for chocolate disappeared.

Ever since then I have kept even more mindful of my health. A few years ago I went veggie. Suits me better somehow so that’s why I did it. Even so I’ve had to tweak the veg diet recently it seems bits of the body are showing signs of wear sadly and I now need to reduce even more on the carbs!!

Keeping this Boomer body fit and healthy is a continual work in progress. I’ve noticed that quiet a few friends are also becoming more attentive to their diet and have started to join belly dance groups, zumba, walking, jogging or going to the gym.

So my advice to everyone is care for that body of yours don’t take it for granted cause some things cant be fixed easily. I for one plan on a long healthy retirement, join me, please!

As Lee Hews says “learn to love your boomer body – and take good care of it.”

Go well till the next time