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Great video from @ericworre

Great video from @ericworre

How To Attain FREEDOM In Network Marketing


I work with several MLM companies because I like their products either for my family’s health or  for lifestyle reasons, and don’t see why I should pay retail when I can get a discount.

I don’t always work the business – but that’s the joy of networking isn’t it – it’s all up to you!

One I’m very keen on because I see it as my retirement saviour is Flipping 4 Profit

But I buy household goodies with Amway and every day take my dollop of Prime 1 ever since my son was recommended it when he had cancer.

So take your pick there are simply thousands to choose from just do your due diligence and don’t expect miracles… it is a business and you do need to do some work to reap any rewards 🙂


Go well till the next time


Is Investing risky?

Robert Kiyosaki has said that
“Investing isn’t risky; not being in control is risky.”

I certainly wouldn’t say otherwise as the man is well known for his business success, however it gets you thinking doesn’t it?

We left a big part of our pension to some professionals who, doing their best no doubt, managed to put it in stocks that have diminished our capital by a third already. We have no option but to sit it out and hope the market comes back. But partly we are to blame.

We were very trusting and naive!

  • We didn’t know what questions to ask – so didn’t.
  • We knew less about the stock market.

The realisation that we have lost a third of our life savings was a jolly good wake up call all be it a bit late. We did realise our pension was rather on the meagre side but were rather in denial hoping it would right itself magically! Of course no control was where the risk crept in.

I have now taken courses and become much more educated in the world of investing.
I have taken a much more ‘hands on’ approach  with our savings and investments.

We are no longer ambling aimlessly towards retirement.
We have a plan with structure and vision. It is workable and able to be adjusted.
We are feeling so much calmer knowing exactly where we are headed and how long it will take to get to the end.
Our education has empowered us with new found confidence instead of bleak despair!

With the help of Pete Carruthers, guiding me through the intricacies of Internet marketing and Robert Kiyosaki training me in the property investing world I embarked on both. I have an online business and I am investing in property internationally, with some network marketing thrown into the mix – All with a new found confidence and realisation that it is no more risky than leaving the decision making to the professionals as before. However it is a lot more rewarding and less stressful to be in charge of our own money / future.

Of course I use a bunch of people  to work with. To help in the decision making you need to reduce the risks as much as is possible by researching and asking questions to make  knowledgeable decisions.

I highly recommend it 😀  Why not join me?

Investing isn’t risky; not being in control is risky!

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Is This The Best Business in the World?

 In 1988 I had my first brushing with a new way
of marketing products.

As a young married couple and me a stay at home mum we were looking for a bit more income that I could do from home around the routine of the children.

We found a company that required me to make cultures from milk. Strange I know and we but it worked we made and sent it off to the company and got paid. We realised that referrals were paid commissions but before we got to thinking of telling anyone the company that was buying the cultures disappeared! We never really understood what went on and for the first time “Pyramid” reared its head.

I have no idea if it was a genuine collapse of a company or whether it was a pyramid but it at least opened my mind to a different way of running a business.

Move on ten years and with a husband out of work in a recession we were looking for a way to make some money and happened across, quite unexpectedly, a couple of companies that had chosen to sell their products using the direct sales model. It had evolved into a very ethical business model where if you referred anyone you were given a commission as a company thanks.

Being a bit of a equalatist (if there is such a word) this appealed to me very much as everyone starts on the same playing field with the same opportunities open to them with the same rewards payable.

I have since used several of these companies to buy goods I use so as to get the brilliant discounts and now I am even investing for my retirement, once more using this affiliate style of business.

I love it, but let me get David Frost a lecturer at Bethney College to explain it so much better than me.

Did you not find that fascinating?

Why not take a look at how it works today here
See if you too want to become a network marketer along with 76 million Boomers! (Forbes)

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Did you see that Business Opportunity?

What a catchup we had!

I don’t know about you but generally at the end of a year we tend to spend a fair bit of time with gatherings of people. It is a favourite time of year for me as it’s such a good catchup time with friends and family that I do not necessarily see on a daily basis. This time it was with an Aunt and cousin and family who I haven’t seen for so long. What a catchup we had!

Anyway during all the catching up did you casually brush off some friend or family member as being daft because they were setting up a new business or starting a network marketing venture or hoping to earn a living off the Internet?
You see if you are like most of us when someone starts talking about something

  1. They are passionate about and
  2. Or we have little knowledge about,
    we tend to brush them off.

Why do we do this?

Right at this moment, It’s a time when there are way too many people out of work or earning too little for their family needs or starting a retirement with insufficient funds.
Surely we should be encouraging any form of initiative with interest and constructive criticism if any at all!
Surely we should be asking questions to understand whether or not this business idea could possibly be beneficial to us or someone else who could do with a helping hand to getting some income.

I remember the first time I saw a business idea in network marketing…The friend had already decided that it wasn’t for me but what she didn’t know about me was that I actually had a huge interest in the product and a great need for an income as my husband had just been made redundant! I was quizzing her avidly and to this day am very pleased I did as not only did I get to work with an incredible product but it left me with a knowledge of how a good network marketing business works which meant that I was receptive to other business opportunities. Some I only join to use the products like Prime 1 which was recommended to us by the Cancer Association to help my family through my son’s  cancer – we all still take it to this day!
Others I join to actually do the business as well as to using product like with Flipping 4 Profit

I have read a ton of stuff on network marketing bad but mainly good and it remains my preferred way to buy goods if I like the product. Robert Laura wrote a brilliant article

Would You Join A Multi-Level Marketing Company For Retirement Income? in which he says:

“.. there is a seemingly endless debate over whether these companies and programs are legitimate business opportunities or not, so I dug in and got the real scoop. As a result, I believe that the entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current retirement savings crisis.”

There are so many things we can do to help ourselves independent of any corporate.
Lets all be a little more receptive to new ideas, who knows how profitable they could be for us!


Go well till the next time