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They Say: Not all your investments will be profitable!

I think we all go into investing with the idea that
we will make money!

In reality maybe that is a bit starry eyed, especially if you are not used to dealing in whatever investment you decide to invest in.

I got stung with some stock investments under-performing and not really understanding much about what they were or where they were. That was my reality check. It made me decide to do some research, do some training and to take more of a hands on approach to any future dealings with stockbrokers. I also diversified into real estate. Something I knew more about and could deal with better.

So  How can we learn from past investment blunders? 
We  need to learn from our experiences and according to FSPInvest the best way to do this is to keep a diary of all your investments. This could be in the form of a notebook or a spreadsheet.

You need to keep a note of the following:

  • Why you invested. – Was it because someone told you about it? Or was it down to research.
  • How much did you think you’d make from the investment? – Did you have dreams of making 200% or 300% on the stock? What was your exit strategy when you invested (for both losses and gains)?
  • When you actually exited the stock? And what were your actual gains or losses?

Their best plan is for you to  check your diary before you get on the phone to your stock broker to buy anything ever again as It might just save you from that blunder yet again…

It could remind you of  similarities with anything you’ve invested in before and if it does, maybe this isn’t a good investment after all.

Think I’ll stick with my properties… I like a bit of bricks and mortar 🙂

Go well till the next time




Retirement: 5 tips on how to save $1 million

I am always open to thoughts on how to best use my savings to grow themselves and I’m sure you are the same so when I read & heard this

Retirement: 5 tips on how to save $1 million

I was all ears! We are all living longer but we still want to maintain our own personal standard of living, as well as being prepared for any future health care costs. This is how to be like a good scout and “Be Prepared”

Five tips for saving a cool million by the time you retire.

  1. Start early and take advantage of the power of compounding.
    It only makes sense too make use of free money
  2. Have a plan
    It really focuses you.
  3. Take advantage of your company-sponsored savings plan
    Again the free money advantage. Jeanne Thompson, vice president at Fidelity Investments, says: “90% of the Fidelity millionaires are taking advantage of the catch-up provisions and many are saving up to the maximum. “They are milking it for all it’s worth.””
  4. Use automatic deductions for all your savings.
    If you stick a certain amount on a regular stop order deduction you can’t be tempted to spend it 🙂
  5. The stock market is your friend. You won’t get there just on savings alone,” says Thompson. “It does take some market action.”

Check out the interview with Jeanne Thompson here 

Robert Kiyosaki has his own views and offers this guide to wealth

Lets get our savings growing.
Click here to see how I am growing my investments to reach a million  …

If you could eventually make $4,000 per month with a $300 investment, would that make financial sense to you?

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The Transition Into Retirement

Unfortunately the transition into retirement is not always as serene as many of us Boomers thought it would be

A report released by Ameriprise Financial on February 3, 2015 taken from 1000 Baby Boomers who have already retired unearthed some interesting findings:
Quoted from Huffington Post:

  • 47 percent felt ready to retire but had mixed emotions
  • 25 percent made the point that they felt stress after being retired for some time
  • 21 percent were uncertain or realized that they were not ready to retire after the fact
  • 22 percent said that they were spending more money in retirement than they had anticipated
  • 24 percent came to the realization that hey had underestimated their income needs
  • 28 percent reported that they were spending less money than they had anticipated
  • 16 percent were forced to retire by their employer, or were offered early retirement incentives or lost their full time jobs

The conclusions drawn by these statistics is that

  1. You need to be emotionally prepared for your retirement
  2. It is important to be in control of your retirement decisions
  3. You need to have adequate retirement income in place

Hopefully the above stats will urge the younger Boomers to take steps now and prepare for retirement.
Make that PLAN to hedge against anything the world might have hiding round the corner to throw at you!  I can promise you it suddenly appears as if out of the blue and if you haven’t invested smartly you could be one of those statistics.

Go well till the next time


What Boomers do better than the younger generation!

Oprah Winfrey once said:

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

My dreams may have shifted a bit through the decades as I’m sure do most peoples but I have always had dreams to reach for. Today my dreams are focusing in on my retirement. While I have a few working years ahead still I am working my dream plan to secure passive income for a healthy retirement.

it seems I am not alone with that dream. There seems to be a great need for people to forge their own adventures, to make those dreams come true and that means for most being a bit of an entrepreneur.

If you are planning on retiring when you hit 65, paying a few hundred pounds/dollars extra a month into whatever your pension fund is can add up to thousands more over the years.

We’re all living longer and our retirement fund will have to stretch further. Apparently more Boomers are getting involved in start-ups now and, they’re doing it better than the younger generation according to thefuturelaboratory.com. Over 50’s are regarded to be more entrepreneurial than any younger generation as we have; years of experience, low rates of absenteeism, and a desire to learn.

How to do it 

We can earn extra money from just about anywhere and by doing anything the mind can think up now. The Internet has made me into a entrepreneurial couch-potato!

I can set up a business for very little to no outlay and be earning money within days with an online affiliate business just as one idea. I have done courses online to become more savvy and now invest with a crowd which is producing income to set me right for my entire retirement.

“It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.”
Robert H. Goddard

There really is no need too be strapped for cash, no matter what your age, if you simply educate yourself with a few good courses, and then get to it.

Our Boomer generation has proven through each decade that we are capable of changing the world – why stop now?

Lets change retirement too!

Go well till the next time



What are Retirement Income and Retirement Capital?

I think all of us Boomers are only too aware of the dramatic changes our pension provision has undergone.

When things started looking iffy for the governments around the world responsibility for ones pension shifted from the employer to the employee, many of whom I’m sure, were totally unskilled at how to best save for a pension, as I was.

Move on a few years and just for good measure the fund providers “shifted the emphasis away from a focus on securing an inflation-hedged income through retirement to maximising your capital on the day your retire,” says Ian Anderson CIO at Grindrod when talking about retirement income vs retirement capital. He suggests that “An investment in a portfolio of growth-oriented, income producing equity and listed property securities not only offers investors the opportunity for long-term capital growth, but also offers investors a means to budget their retirement income both before and after they retire. ”

I have done just that on my investments spreadsheet. I know what I’m putting in each month and what it is invested in. I accrue all income from the investments and plough it back in and doing a little math can workout when the investments will be able to sustain our retirement needs. It is very reassuring to look at and quell any nervousness we might feel as we travel along our investment path.

It’s easy enough to work out your own future needs:

  • Take a close look at what you are spending every month.
  • Decide if there will be any changes to your spending once you retire (make sure it’s realistic)
  • That is the amount your investments must produce for you on a monthly basis.

Now you need to look at all your investments and you will probably have them in various places so remember to collect them all together.

  • Work out what the average annual return is on each investment and add them all together then divide by 12.
  • Does it match your spending needs?
  • If not then you must top up the investments!

If the income from your investments is already matching or more; then you can already retire  because you will receive more income from your retirement savings than your annual salary. Yeah!

Investors need to secure, as best they can, an adequate level of inflation-hedged income both before and through their retirement.

Personally I’m putting my investment eggs into real estate. I have seen it bounce back fairly well from the most recent financial collapse and by working with a crowd-investing company that scours the world for the best investments I feel I should be alright on that score.

Robert Laura also suggests that we should think of  starting a retirement business which takes a page out of the handbook of the rich and powerful. Lets face it  the rich all have properties so property seems fairly safe but I have taken on board the need for more income streams so I’m starting a small online business too. The more strings to my bow the happier I am.

Do you have enough retirement capital to provide you with an adequate retirement income?
I do hope so. If not it’s never too late to remedy that!
Go well till the next time



Investing in Property is so Relatively Simple

Dolph de Roos in his book Real Estate Riches said

Given that investing in property is so relatively simple and so uniform around the world I am utterly surprised that most people still only consider owning investment properties within a few miles of their home

That reinforces for me my earlier conviction that I needed to invest in property but not in the country I was living as the currency was dropping rapidly against the US Dollar.

Then today I get an email from Robert Kiyosaki predicting the biggest collapse in history coming possibly as soon as 2016!

It got me to thinking how I could possibly protect ourselves against another financial collapse. I don’t know about you but I certainly can’t withstand loosing the pension again and having to start all over again, let alone suffering all the worry that goes with too little money.

So how can we protect ourselves?
Could property be the answer?

If you are someone who wants to go it alone you may find that in your own area the property market is not at it’s best right now but if you take Dolph de Roos’s suggestion and look further afield you could find what you need.

There seem to be many countries where it is smart to be buying property right now and the Internet can guide you to make your choices wisely. Sometimes its just another state you need to look at . But what he was getting at is that there is property all over the world and nowadays its really easy to do a lot of due dilligence on the Internet so don’t be put off by your local marketplace. Be brave, your foresight could be what saves you in the future if Kiyosaki is correct.

Personally I’m happier investing with my crowd. It gives me people to discuss decisions with and gives us all the convenience of investing small amounts in any one property and not having to do all the hard part of finding and maintaining any of the properties.
We get to choose from a selection of properties around the world and by having a small share of several properties we feel pretty secure not to ever be in the unenviable position of having all our money falling at the same time. Hedging our bets I call it!

I think I am doing all that I can for my family. How do you feel? Are you financially secure against another collapse?


Go well till the next time

  • Dolph de Roos – Real Estate Riches
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Why is Passively Investing in Real Estate Critical for Retirement?

I love this article from Bigger Pockets . I have taken some salient points which made good sense to me

Passively Investing in Real Estate is Critical for Retirement

Passive real estate investing allows investors the freedom to choose when to retire and without passive income, many will not be able to do so.

Definition of Wealth

What is wealth? Have you ever really thought about it? Or more importantly, have you ever thought about what wealth looks like for you? Wealthy is when we are able to stop… to stop doing the things we have to do so we can do the things we want to do.  Each of us has a lifestyle that we live and hopefully we have identified hobbies or activities that we enjoy; wealth is simply a mathematical equation that tells each of us how long we can enjoy those hobbies and our lifestyle before our funds run out!

Here is a simple mathematical equation for determining wealth:

There are many retirement forecast sites you can visit (**some are at the end of this article)  but essentially this is the equation and it’s easy enough for me to do it!

Balance of Accounts (cash on hand, retirement) = Retirement funds:

Monthly expenses (Mortgage payment, car notes, living expenses, insurance, required funding):
Monthly passive income (Net cash flow after debt service & expenses):

Monthly Expense - Monthly Passive Income = Total Monthly Flow (Positive or Negative) Multiply this number  by 12 to get Yearly Flow

Retirement Funds/Yearly Flow = number of years

*Ideally your passive income is larger than monthly expenses, but for most, it is not.  Subtract the passive income from the expenses and divide your Retirement funds by this number and you have how many years you can maintain your current lifestyle before your funds ran out.  Most people are often surprised to see that after a short handful of years their funds are gone. 

Since very few of us are built with the notion that working until our last day is our idea of enjoyment, putting together a plan for growing passive income becomes critical for securing a comfortable retirement.

Develop Passive Investments for Retirement

By adding passive investment properties to a portfolio, an investor gives themselves the freedom to choose which activities are most important to them

Passive Income and Real Estate Investing

I’ve  flipped some properties and I hold some as a long-term rental.  Essentially, I do nothing except choose what I wish to invest in today!  I leave the hard work to others who manage the whole process I simply just enjoy choosing what to invest in today!

Luckily, I am building a  ***passive income that will allow me to experience retirement on my terms for many years to come

Go well till the next time



  • ***www.flipping4profit.com/waterfall
  • **http://www.mutualofomaha.com/tools/calculators/retirement-planning/how-will-retirement-impact-my-living-expenses.php
  • **http://www.dinkytown.net/java/RetirementDistribution.html
  • *http://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/2011/11/08/passively-investing-in-real-estate-is-critical-for-retirement/