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Seniors Who Google

I don’t know about you but I LOVE Google!

I have been using many of their products for years and as they bring on a new one I usually have a go.

I have used the maps extensively to work out where to go, sneak peek at places around the world, to checkout the authenticity of company addresses and to give me accurate mileage for my log book. On top of that I found that there are clever folk who use Sketchup7 to draw exact replicas of buildings around the world and they attach them to the map, so awesome.

I also found that you could even organise a scavenger hunt using the map and Google searches Fun!

Browsing the internet on Chrome is a total pleasure and extremely fast and now very intuitive, sometimes a little spookily so, but very useful nonetheless.

I am pretty fed-up with Microsoft products now I’m afraid. I find them expensive and aggressive and rather convoluted so Google docs are just fine by me and really easy to use and the best thing is I don’t keep getting updates that weigh heavy on my computer dragging it to slower and slower speeds!

Once I used to keep all my files on the computer like everyone else which also tended to slow the computer eventually. But not any longer. My life is now kept in a Google Drive. ‘cloud‘ as safely as anywhere else I reckon.

Another Google product I could not live without is of course, Gmail and the calendar that connects with it and with anyone I wish to share an appointment with. I’ve used the calendar as a joint project at work to keep everyone informed and privately to remind me timeously of a myriad of events in my life from Grandchildren’s birthdays to doctor appointments and even annual renewal of my subscriptions.

Google+ is still a bit of a newbie to me but it certainly throws up some great ideas and I’m itching to have a go at Google Hangouts. I’ve watched with it but I want to run one so I’ve just upped my Internet speed so it doesn’t trip out; so look out kids I’m HangingOut  your way soon.

I’m sure you are a senior who has not been left behind?
What Google products do you love to use? Please join in the poll.

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If you have any friends or parents who could do with a little help in keeping up with some of this technology checkout  myageingparent.com It provides some helpful forms to use in their free registration pack on site.

Till the next time go well




5 Ways Technology Can Enhance the Lives of Seniors

Seniors can use technology to enhance their lives. Seniors can utilize technology to enhance their lives.

There’s no avoiding it; technology is everywhere. Many golden agers steer clear of it, but we would argue that there are several applications of technology that they should not only stop avoiding, but embrace. Sure, the boom in technology may have people these days more likely to type an email than send a heartfelt handwritten note, but it’s not all bad. Take a look at these five ways in which seniors can utilize technology to enhance their life:

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Why is Passively Investing in Real Estate Critical for Retirement?

I love this article from Bigger Pockets . I have taken some salient points which made good sense to me

Passively Investing in Real Estate is Critical for Retirement

Passive real estate investing allows investors the freedom to choose when to retire and without passive income, many will not be able to do so.

Definition of Wealth

What is wealth? Have you ever really thought about it? Or more importantly, have you ever thought about what wealth looks like for you? Wealthy is when we are able to stop… to stop doing the things we have to do so we can do the things we want to do.  Each of us has a lifestyle that we live and hopefully we have identified hobbies or activities that we enjoy; wealth is simply a mathematical equation that tells each of us how long we can enjoy those hobbies and our lifestyle before our funds run out!

Here is a simple mathematical equation for determining wealth:

There are many retirement forecast sites you can visit (**some are at the end of this article)  but essentially this is the equation and it’s easy enough for me to do it!

Balance of Accounts (cash on hand, retirement) = Retirement funds:

Monthly expenses (Mortgage payment, car notes, living expenses, insurance, required funding):
Monthly passive income (Net cash flow after debt service & expenses):

Monthly Expense - Monthly Passive Income = Total Monthly Flow (Positive or Negative) Multiply this number  by 12 to get Yearly Flow

Retirement Funds/Yearly Flow = number of years

*Ideally your passive income is larger than monthly expenses, but for most, it is not.  Subtract the passive income from the expenses and divide your Retirement funds by this number and you have how many years you can maintain your current lifestyle before your funds ran out.  Most people are often surprised to see that after a short handful of years their funds are gone. 

Since very few of us are built with the notion that working until our last day is our idea of enjoyment, putting together a plan for growing passive income becomes critical for securing a comfortable retirement.

Develop Passive Investments for Retirement

By adding passive investment properties to a portfolio, an investor gives themselves the freedom to choose which activities are most important to them

Passive Income and Real Estate Investing

I’ve  flipped some properties and I hold some as a long-term rental.  Essentially, I do nothing except choose what I wish to invest in today!  I leave the hard work to others who manage the whole process I simply just enjoy choosing what to invest in today!

Luckily, I am building a  ***passive income that will allow me to experience retirement on my terms for many years to come

Go well till the next time



  • ***www.flipping4profit.com/waterfall
  • **http://www.mutualofomaha.com/tools/calculators/retirement-planning/how-will-retirement-impact-my-living-expenses.php
  • **http://www.dinkytown.net/java/RetirementDistribution.html
  • *http://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/2011/11/08/passively-investing-in-real-estate-is-critical-for-retirement/

Is Your Financial Advisor Messing with Your Retirement?

Regular readers may know a little about me but when I saw an article the other day asking this question I thought, oh dear, I’m not the only one needing to make a plan.

More importantly, what are we all doing about it?

I do not have any resources to draw on other than my failing stocks, which are still tied up for another *** years. I cannot afford to put up my hands and say “C’est la vie!”not if I wish to eat once I retire! Much more importantly though, I have a pretty long bucket list that I would like to tick off satisfactorily.

So off to work I went.
The question is, what on earth is going to fill the hole in my current bucket which is loosing money at a disastrous rate?

I have scoured the Internet and read several books and taken several courses to best arm myself against more bad judgement calls.

I am currently on a course putting together the means for me to earn a reasonable passive income from the Internet with my long-time business guru Peter Carruthers. I did battle with an idea of what to do but now I’m busy researching my ideas to see what will gel. With Pete by my side I know it will work as he is passionate about helping us all have enough to retire on.

My Dad was a quantity surveyor and my brother is an architect and some of that seems to have rubbed off on me as I have always had an interest in property. It seemed natural to look too property for another string to my bow. I have done several courses but realised that the daily cut and thrust was maybe a bit too hectic for me so I looked for a simpler way to invest in property.

Fortunately crowdfunding has taken off in a big way and it has flowed into the property domain. This means I don’t need to find vast amounts of money I can invest my small amounts each month and draw out my percentage of rent payments or sale profits.
That is a really cool idea in itself but the best is that it is totally managed by a company not me! There are various companies to choose from but I found Flipping4Profit had an added tweak to offer. I decided (after much due diligence) to invest with them and explore their added extra which is simply networking the idea to others.

I’ve not stopped looking for other ways to create some income but having done the maths I’m satisfied that if I keep to my plan with these two income making avenues I should now be fine until the day I die regardless of what my financial advisor manages with the money I put into his hands!

I’m going to be OK, are you?
Go well till the next time



Work for yourself not your business

Seth Godin says that “the only way to build something when you don’t have money to invest is to make something so great that people will pay for it in advance, that they’ll eagerly sign up to use what you’re making. Now not later. Now when it’s new. When it’s useful and fresh and interesting.”

Too often, we look at the serious nature of starting a business (and worse, our imagined serious implications of failing when we do so) and we forget about useful, fresh or interesting. We forget to do that thing that might not work, to expose ourselves to things that are generous and new and fun.

Justis Chase has a great theory that to start a business you need a plan and he has The 3 S Method and says people are able to turn kitchen table businesses, started for a few dollars, into ongoing money making businesses that could be as large or as small as the owner wants.

So you don’t have to quit your day job or go back to work full time, if you are already retired, to start something new. These guys say you can do it in your weekends and evenings and any spare moments.

I’ve started my new business have you?

Go well till the next time



How to Find Your Passion in Retirement

Today my first email was just what I needed to start the day. Robert Laura a leading retirement activist told me “How to Find Your Passion in Retirement” Click here to read it  http://bit.ly/1FFT656

Here is a very short excerpt to whet your appetite:

bookoffer4What Every Baby Boomer Needs To Know

“Pursuing one’s passion in retirement can help resolve both personal and financial issues common to both new and longer-term retirees, including replacing one’s work identity, staying socially connected, keeping mentally and physically fit, and remaining financially secure. It can give retirees a reason to be thankful every night and wake up smiling every morning.”

See how I am pursuing my passion making sure I retire happier and wealthier  http://bit.ly/1u0NJfy

Go well till the next time


Work at Home Resources for Boomers

I’m in the process of setting up some extra streams of income with my Online-Business Guru Pete Carruthers we have tackled everything so far from brainstorming the ideas an how to check if they are sound or not to Google ads and affiliate sales and a whole lot more in between.

One thing Pete discusses is how to avoid Scams to do your research and which websites are the most beneficial for budding online businesses.

Some online and off line ideas you might like to consider are:

1. Selling Online (eBay or Craigslist)Retire_Structure
2. Telemarketing
3. Direct Selling
4. Write or Edit
5. Translate On-Line
6. Become a Virtual Agent
7. Medical Transcription
8. Become a Tutor
9. Freelancing
10. Selling at a Flea Market
11. Workers with Disabilities
12. Become a Chef Consultant
13. Care Giving

Why not look Pete up and let him guide you  as he is guiding me, through the milieu that is an online business!

Go well till the next time
pursuing my passion making sure I retire happier and wealthier



There is no future in any job!

Jobs which don’t yet exist may be growth areas in the future!

Throughout history, jobs have disappeared and new jobs have taken their place.
As a rule of thumb,
60% of the jobs, 10 years from now, haven’t been invented yet!

  • We no longer need gas lamplighters or matchmakers.
  • Some jobs have evolved, tooth pullers becoming dentists, and typists using word processors
  •  Some jobs are currently under threat as ‘progress’ sidelines their expertise: milkmen, paperboys, printers.
  • Other jobs were unknown years ago: web designers, professional athletes, media consultants, biotechnologists.
  • The future holds as yet unheard of job roles within IT, alternative energy and global commerce.

The eventual replacement of humans by robots is a question that sparks great controversy…
If we create intelligent robots, will we eventually be replaced by them or will we simply become more efficient with their help?

Let us look at ways robots help us:

Robots designed specifically for rescue operations – Cave Crawler is a self-contained robot designed to learn as it goes. It has the ability to detect the presence of dangerous gases and navigate places that human cannot, making it essential for mining operations.

Robots for deep sea exploration – these can be sent to explore deep sea volcanic activity, something humans have not even considered studying on their own.

Industrial robots – can perform a repetitive mechanical task without sacrificing quality, like the assembly line, manufacturing etc. including food service companies.

Up to 2010, 1.2 million robots were active, that’s one robot to every 5,000 people. Projections suggest that by the year 2025, robots will have claimed a total of 13 million jobs in automotive industry, 22 million jobs in manufacturing and 9 million jobs in food services.

Obviously if robots are moving in, people will find work in other capacities

Futurists predict that we’re going to see more and more things that look like science fiction, and fewer and fewer things that look like jobs And we’re creating a world where there is going to be more and more technology and fewer and fewer jobs – So this is a time of great job elolution!

Here are some future jobs I’ve plucked from the various Futurists on the Internet.jobs-of-the-future
Some sound similar to jobs today with just a bit of  a tweak – but others are off the wall sounding with a dash of logic!

  1. Occupational therapists to help the increasing numbers of the elderly and
  2. Myotherapists who focus on the treatment of musculoskeletal pain or
  3. Nanotechnologists to revolutionise fields such as drug delivery, high power batteries, solar cells and computers.
  4. Social network organisers and developers because society has become so commercialised it is becoming important for individuals and companies to enhance their image.
  5. Octogenarian Service Providers – As record numbers of people will live into their 80s, 90s, and 100s. there will be a need to provide a demand for goods and services currently not around.
  6. Wind Turbine Repair Techs– All our windmills will drive a demand for repair techs.
  7. Data Hostage Specialists– Holding data hostage can be done remotely, and has the potential for big rewards. This type of activity will give rise to data-hostage negotiators, data-retrieval specialists, and damage-control analysts.
  8. Elevated Tube Transport Engineers– The next big infrastructure project on planet earth will be a human and cargo transport system designed around a network of vacuum tubes with maglev tracks. Operating at less than 2% of the cost of today’s car, truck, jet, ship, and train systems, this emerging tube transport system will be a massive undertaking that demands talented new-age thinkers for decades to come.
  9. The Dismantlers Lots of industries have been built around aging facilities and infrastructure that will become unnecessary and unsustainable in the future requiring a skilled workforce of talented people who can perform the task of dismantling them in the least disruptive way..
  10. Tree-Jackers– Plant and tree alteration specialists, who manipulate growth patterns, create grow-to-fit wood products, colour-changing leaves, and personalized fruit.
  11. Time Brokers – Time Bank Traders– Where do you go when you run out of time? Naturally, to the time-bank, and take out a time-loan!
  12. Space-Based Power System Designers– At some point, the burning of earth’s natural resources for power will become a thing of the past. Space-based systems will capture and transmit power far more efficiently than anything currently in existence.
  13. Plant Educators– An intelligent plant will be capable of re-engineering itself to meet the demands of tomorrow’s marketplace
  14. Amnesia Surgeons– Doctors who are skilled in removing bad memories or destructive behaviour.
  15. Robot Polishers– If we are going to have robots, they will invariably need to be polished.


Finally after stewing your brain with all those new job opportunities, remember that generally speaking predictions odn’t come true. so let’s rather than focus on future jobs, let’s focus on your future work skills

 “There is no future in any job. The future lies in the person who holds the job.” – George W. Crane

For me, I’m going the futuristic route, using crowd investing to make sure I always have a job that can support me even into my retirement even when all those jobs above start appearing -who knows I might even need to use some of their services!!

Go well till the next time